Veestro Delivers Five Star Meals Right To Your Door

It seems like every day there are new meal prep companies.  All promising amazing food that is super convenient.  Many of the kits I have tried, but nothing compares to the experience had with Veestro.

Veestro gives you more options than any other meal prep kits.  You can choose from meal packs, a la carte, weight loss, or juice cleanses.  After you place your order in a few short days your fully prepared chef- created, hand-crafted meals arrive in eco-friendly packaging.


Photo courtesy of Veestro


My favorite part besides the taste of their food was how convenient it was.  After having classes for 10 hours without time to take a break for lunch, these meals were extremely convenient.  Each meal took under ten minutes to make, was dairy free, and tasted better than any fancy meals I’ve ever had at a restaurant.


Veestro is a plant-based meal service.  What I loved about this is you didn’t feel like you were missing out on anything.  Many services that are vegan tend to be for people who are hardcore, not people looking for a healthy delicious alternative.  Veestro is great for people who are looking for a way to eat more plants, but a looking for a simple and easy plan.


For people like me who are too busy to meal prep, spend extra time in the grocery store looking for ingredients Veestro is amazing.  The meals I got were mushroom stroganoff, thai chicken stew, shr’mp jambalaya, enchilada casserole, and roasted beet and kale salad.


It was hard to pick a favorite meal.  I’m stuck in a pickle between the Thai Chick’n Stew and the Enchilada Casserole.  Being someone who is lactose intolerant you rarely ever find a dairy-free cheese that is good.  The enchilada casserole had the best vegan cheese I have ever tried.

The Thai chick’n stew and the shr’mp jambalaya was an amazing pick me up for the cold winter days.  The biggest reason why I loved this is because Veestro made is so simple and easy to eat real food.  The kale salad was perfect for an easy lunch.  In under thirty seconds I had something to eat inbetween classes.

Photo courtesy of Veestro

The vegan mushroom stroganoff was what interest me the most.  The reason being is normally is made with a very creamy sause and I was very courisous how it was going to taste with coconut milk.  I was happily surprised on how good this tasted because this meal is normally something that is made with both meat and dairy. My final thoughts is I would definetly try Veestro again and will continue to get meals from them for the years to come.  As a college student who tries there best to be healthy, this food serivce is amazing.


The Sharks Made A Giant Mistake By Not Investing in Sap!

I am always so grateful for the food I learn about in Burlington, most importantly the maple products I’m exposed to.  I learned about Sap! when I was a freshman living on campus and have been following how they are expanding their business.  Recently, I was watching Shark Tank and was super surprised the sharks did not make a deal with Sap.


Sap offers three different beverages.  They have a maple soda, maple seltzer, and birch sparkling water.  Out of the three, my favorite was the maple soda.  As someone who never drinks soda it was a very healthy way when I wanted to drink something sweet.

There are almost half the calories of your favorite soda in a can of their maple soda.  This is a great product for people who have a sweet tooth like me but are also trying to stay healthy.


After this summer I became obsessed with seltzer, which is why I was so surprised the sharks did not make a deal with this company.  Last summer was all about La Croix, and next summer could be all about Sap!


Lastly, I had the bitch, which the sharks were not a fan of.  I personally believe their feelings on this drink was to make TV more interesting.  The reason is, I’m probably one of the pickiest eaters, have reviewed many restaurants, therefore I’m not afraid to say when something does not taste good.  I really liked the birch drink, I like to drink it in the morning, it’s a healthy way to start the day. 


Not only does Sap sell beverages that are non-gmo, gluten-free, contain natural sugars, and are crafted by farmers, they are also passionate about donating 1% of their revenue to organizations working in the regenerative agriculture space.



If You’re Not Using Hair Bars, You Need to Read This

After finally getting my hair professionally dyed, I become a little addicted to having the most healthy hair care regimen possible.  Another, the great part about using hair bar is they are also better for the environment.  Unwrapped Life’s mission is to reduce single-use plastic in products while also making them stylish and sustainable.

Unwrapped life was started by two entrepreneurs Arden and  Hayley.  After giving birth to her first her first daughter she suffered from post- partum anxiety and developed “eco-anxiety”.  She became so worried about the disposable plastic in our daily lives and how it was going to effect our future generations.


Hayley and Arden started looking for ways to cut plastic out of their lives, but there were very few options.  Especially when it came to conditioner and shampoo.  They started formulating and researching their own bars that work amazingly on all hair types.  They are passionate about making spreading awareness and creating amazing hair days.

The hair bars I got were The Hydrator shampoo and conditioner.  One of the best parts of this combo was how it realized how important it is to hydrate your hair.  These bars are made with amla oil and colloidal oil.  This hair duo works to treat scalp ailments, including psoriasis, rashes, excema, and dryness.


Living in northern Vermont this hair duo is perfect for the winter time.  The cold winds and air can be very harsh to my hair.  Within a few days, I saw a difference in how my hair was feeling.

These bars are great for hair that is damaged and in need of some shine and repair.  These bars are full of vitamin B and natural polyacrylamide beta-glucan.  That acts as an emollient, the oatmeal delivers shine, moister and damage repair.  It makes your hair softer than any other shampoo and conditioner combo I’ve used.

Finally, I wanted to test how well this product works on different hair types.  My hair is pretty frail and thin.  On my hair, it worked great to give me more shine and help with my damaged ends.  But, I wanted to see how it would work on my two roommates hair.  My one roommate  has super thick hair and my other roommate has curly hair.


After letting them use the product for a few day they saw nothing but improvements on their hair.  Being in Vermont, which is super concerned with the health of our environment, they also loved the social impact of the product.

This Ethical Bandanna Company Is Changing the Game

My two biggest loves in this world are food and dogs.  Living in an area were adopting is very relevant and a large part of the community, I always look for small companies that I can support that are also supporting various dog foundations.  This is how I found the bandanna company Cheifs that creates ethical and super chic bandannas.


Cheifs was launched in 2017 in Los Angeles.  The created a well crafted bandana that any age, gender, or species could wear, while also supporting amazing causes that are important.

Orange Chief – Austin Pets Alive

IMG_2561.jpgTheir limited edition orange Chief was designed to raise money for Austin Pets Alive.  Each bandana helps find a shelter for a dog in need.  My favorite part about this bandana was the little paw prints representing the cause.

The OG Chief – Toys for Tots


Their black and white Oxblood Chief is designed to raise money for Toys for Tots.  My favorite part of this bandana was the contrasts of the Oxblood hem. Being a college student, being broke, and living in a cold area I used it to surprise someone with a night of indoor camping and this bandana was perfect for the surprise.

The Vintage Cheif

IMG_2573.jpgThis bandanna has my  favorite color combination and also gives back to Toys For Tots.  One of my favorite things to do with bandanas is use them to decorate my apartment.  These bandana are so unique and they’re made with a fabric that is more silky soft then your typical bandana.

Why Skipping Stone Needs To Be On Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas is the season of giving, and this holiday season I really wanted to look into gifts that also give back.  The Skipping Stone partners with local women and children empowerment non- porfits.  Their proceeds help reach their goal of creating as many jobs as possible.  Their company provides lifestyle products to consumers to make a difference.


The company was co-founded by Greg and Abhineeta Matney.  They founded a non-profit called Aatma Vikas in India.  Aatma Vikas helps those in unsafe positions find hope though training center.  Aatma Vikas has had over 1,000 graduates and it continiues to grow.


The Skipping Stone sells lifestyle bags, vintage and artistic journals, and Bhoemian and ethic jewelry.  Their products offer a gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list.


My favorite products The Skipping Stone sells are their lifestyle bags.  They’re very unique and beautifully created.  They offer the best gift for the vintage clothing lover on your list.

Use code #cara20 to get 15% off your order before the 18th!

These Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes, So Don’t Risk Being Basic

Even though it is still 80 degrees and it so does not feel like fall, soon it will be Halloween, which means you need to start planning your costume or costumes, because well unlike when you were a kid halloween is a weekend affair. I thought of proably one of the most creative costumes out there, or just so weird and out there no one would ever of thought of it.  Which I’ll release my list of costume ideas in the following weeks.  Here’s my list of the most poplar costimes you’ll see everyone wearing this year.

Pennywise From “It”


Last year this costume would so not of been chill, with all the clown shooting.  But thanks to It and the upcoming season of American Horror story get ready to see some creepy clowns and some balloon.  PS. It is actually amazing and Pennywise is hot af irl, I know creepy.

Rick and Morty


Photo courtesy of Pinterest


I get so much Sh*t for not knowing what this show is, so I promise when it’s break I’ll bindge.  At my college you can’t go anywhere without someone mentioning this show.

Any “Games of Thrones” Character


Photo courtesy of Etsy


For some reason, it’s like Games of Thrones just started, cause the amount of times I’ve heard “Winter is coming” this year is a little crazy.  I blame Ed Sherren.

Wonder Women


2017 was all about strong, powerful, badass women and let me just say it’s about time.


PupJoy Review

Anyone who know me, knows I’m a little too obsessed with my little puppy Eleven and I love to spoil her.  I love getting subscription boxes and there’s so many different options it is really easy to not know what the right box is for you and your dog.

My favorite thing about PupJoy is they give you the most customizable options.  My dog has a very sensitive stomach and she only gets her food and one type of treat.  Therefor I love that PupJoy gives you the option to have a box that is only toys. They also have options to do a mix of toys and treats, just treats, or what I got that was just toys.


My dog is probably one of the pickiest little puppers when it comes to toys.  She has her favorites, some she’ll randomly get excited about and run around the house with, and some she will never touch.  In my box there was a great variety of toys.

Her box included a PupJoy Brewing treat dispenser, PupJoy Bad To Da Bone Ballistic Stuffless Toy , Doog Stick Elwood, Duck with tennis ball, and Zingfling.

Immediately right when I opened the box Eleven fell in love with this Duck, it was almost impossible to get a photo.  My favorite part about this duck is there is a tennis ball inside, which makes it super easy to play fetch with.


The second toy Eleven decided to chew on was the treat dispenser, then moved on to the Elwood stick.  This stick is great for playing fetch outside.  It’s a lot easier to throw farther than a tennis ball and get out of her mouth.  Also, my favorite part, it’s super easy to clean.


The cutest part is whenever I come home now Eleven greets me at the door with this stuffless bone.  Currently, she just learned how to rip stuffing out of toys, therefore the fact that this is stuffless, I absolutely love.


PupJoy is very unlike other dog subscription boxes.  They are the only box that has treats for dogs with dietary needs, customizable toy options depending on what type of chewer your dog is, and customizable delivery options.  They work directly with indie brands to have the best quality, natural, and organic products. The best part is ordering from PupJoy your money is also going to a great cause.  A portion of every order is donated to help shelter animals find loving homes.




What Really Goes Down In The Dm? A Code To How Guys Use Instagram

Instagram has quickly became the most popular social media platform used by people my age.  Over this past break, I got the lowdown about how guys used Instagram and it made me a little interested to know if what my friend thought was true, was actually how guys use this platform.


Last year I was in a room with the guy I was seeing at the time and a group of his friends.  One of his friends pulls out his phone and starts analysing this girl’s profile, seeing if she was cool enough to hook up with.

I haven’t had a personal Instagram for a few years now and when I did it was pretty much pictures of my dog and when I went out to eat I’d take a pic.  A few weeks ago, I got a text from a friend asking me to “approve” of her Instagram. The photo was clearly edited and staged, which kinda surprised me.


Today people go to extreme lengths to get attention from people on social media.  From editing their photos to going through the “following” setting on Instagram to see what their friends are liking.

I decided I wanted some answers to some of the things my friends were talking about, when talking about the guys that interact with them on Instagram.

1. How do you use Instagram?


“Let’s just say Instagram is on that bottom toolbar of my most used apps on my phone, right next to my messages app.” The answers I got for this question were pretty much all the same.  The guy would check it a few times a day to stay connected to their friends as well as keeping their friends updated on their life.

2.What entices you to like a girl’s photo? ( ex. To get her attention, or is it a harmless)


“I mean, I never usually have ulterior motives, usually it’s like, wow! She looks really nice, I’ll leave a like! Or sometimes someone will make an edgy joke or post a sweet meme I’ll give that shit a like.”  This was one of the questions I was most interested, and here’s the reason why.  For this experiment, I went through the following setting to see what photos the guy I followed like.  Every guy I interviewed said they check Instagram a couple times a day, but only one of them liked a photo that day.  The guy in question said “Attractiveness plays a role” and the photos he liked were both of girls.  I also found it was very rare that a guy would come up in the “following” section and when they did the photo was in some way related to sports.

3. Have you ever DM someone on Instagram? If so why?


“Yes, because that was the only form of contact I had with my lab partner in a college class. Also, I’m a part of a couple lit group meme sharing group chats.”  Out of the guys I asked, their DM’s consisted of group chats with friends sharing memes.

4. Have you ever posted a photo of your GF because you did something wrong?

This question had a little bit of a personal incentive to get the answer to why guys did appreciation posts.  Over the past summer, I had a friend who cheated on his girlfriend of years.  Instead of owning up to his infidelity he posted a photo of her on his Instagram in order to solve his relationship issues.  “I try to not get in that situation in the first place but if I do I generally try to apologize in person rather than posting a picture.”  All the guys had the same consensus that they wouldn’t post a photo in order to solve a problem, but one thing did come up interesting.


Whenever I start talking to any guy the first thing I do is creep through his social media.  Not to find out who he is, but to find out if he also has a girlfriend.  “One time we argued and she posted a pic of us from my Instagram and I didn’t take it down if that counts. It was a pretty dope photo though regardless of the circumstance.” Going through his Instagram before this photo it didn’t look like he had a girlfriend, which he has been dating for over a year.  The girl even tagged herself in the photo she posted to make sure no one was confused she was his babe.

5. What makes you post a photo on Insta?


Girls tend to post on Instagram multiple times a week, while guys might post about four times a year.  Guys will post on a larger event “Life events, share a memory.”  Rather than just their pink drink on Instagram.

6. Do you Insta creep? If so, on who?


Of all the guys, the most I got them to admit they Insta creep was “I sometimes Insta creep on people who I just met or don’t know too well just to get a better feel of them or see what their interests are.” Out of all the guys I interviewed only one admitted to creeping on more than once.  “Honestly, yeah. I have an Instagram for my band as well, and I’ve used that to creep on my ex.” A guy sees someone’s photo for about a millisecond, and even if they do like it they’re not analyzing it, because they’ve already moved on.  There is really no reason to need to have a “perfect” feed because the only one creeping on you is your friends or people you don’t even talk to anymore in high school.

7. Do you analyse girls profiles? (ex. Oh she looks cool, just from her photos)


c0ecd9a5808cd9989f7eebacbde66449.gifThis brings it back to the extreme editing and photoshopping girls do on their photos.  The only reason someone edits a photo is to get more attention.  Celebrities are edited on magazines because well society’s version of attractiveness isn’t realistic.  Out of all the guys one found the secret to pretty much everyone’s Instagram, “Hahaha I judge a couple of my friends’ profiles who I KNOW just post on Insta to look like they have a cool life. Here’s a shocker, they actually have a shallow personality.”   I’ve had a friend tell me that she makes sure her feed is always perfect because she wants guys to go through and think “she’s cool” and start talking to her.  But the thing is, you can’t tell who someone is from a photo and a short caption, they are just seeing the looks.  “No, usually if it’s a girl’s profile, it’s just “she’s hot”, find some more hot photos and move on to the next one that’s sent to me via MLD or explore.”


“I would say most of the time I judge people based on their profile whether I mean to or not.”  When Instagram first started pretty much no one shared selfies and now it’s pretty rare someone posts a photo of just their meal.  Instagram was probably started as a way to share photos, but now some people think their self-worth is defined by how many likes they get on a photo.  And if it’s not as many likes as the others, they delete it.

*When looking for gifs for this photo, I search Judging gif.  What came up was a bunch of gifs of girls doing the stink eye.  Life isn’t the bachelor, but it seems that girls are still competing for guys and giving “stink eyes” other girls.  Let’s try to end that.

8. Do you use social media to get girls attention?

This is one of the most talked about aspects of Instagram and even more now that they have the story feature.  For this question it was split,  the guys I interviewed for who used it for attention and those who don’t.  “I don’t specifically use social media for this purpose but I can’t say it doesn’t cross my mind when posting.”  None of them completely said it was their whole purpose of posting a photo because they do only post when something interesting happened in their life therefore their posts are not that direct.


What is most misconstrued is that it means anything that they look at your story first.  It doesn’t mean they like you, it only means they happen to be on their phone at that moment.  It’s actually even worse if they’re the first one to view it every time cause that means they have nothing better to do.  It only means something if they never view it for a consistent amount of time.

9. Are there certain people that you get happy when they like your photo?


Pretty much every guy admitted to getting happy when someone particular likes their photo.  “Yes definitely, I’m even guilty of looking at who likes my pictures.” Only one guy said, “I like when I get likes. Period. (I’m desperate.) Or I don’t really care. I don’t know, it depends what kind of mood I’m in.”

10. If you’re in a relationship and you like other girls photos, is it all harmless?


“Totally harmless, I would never cyber cheat.”  With the “following” section on Instagram pretty much your every move is tracked, unless the person you’re following is private.  That being said, if someone you’re dating is liking a girls photo it probably means nothing.  Not saying if you do have some suspicions you should ignore them, but talk to him before going cray.

11.  What really goes down in the DM?


Many of the guys I interviewed said the only thing that fills up their DMs are group chats where they mainly send memes.  When asked what they typically thought about what goes down in the DM I got this response.  “You tell me, come find my DMs @…. I like to imagine it as “hey, I looked through the last 5 months of your Instagram history.” “awwww, thats so sweet and not creepy at all.” “yeah, I had a boner the whole time? U want mak fuk?!” “of course I would love to be nude and alone in a building with you!” All of the guys I interviewed, the only thing they admitted to going down in the DM was getting someone’s phone number.  Therefore if any guy is DMing you he is probably a weirdo.  There are so many normal ways to get someone’s photo today and therefor if his only way to contact you is through a DM he’s not worth it.

Everything You Need to Know about Falmouth Main Street

Photo courtesy of

Besides Provincetown, in my opinion, Falmouth Main Street is one of the best streets on Cape Cod. It’s home to one of a kind businesses with unique items you can not find anywhere else. It also has some of the tastiest restaurants on the cape.

Anejo Mexican Bistro 


Photo courtesy of

One of the most delicious mexican restaurants on the cape. Whether you go there for their amazing guac or the tequila, you will never leave disappointed.

American Sunglasses 

Photo courtesy of

America Sunglasses are the most popular names in designer sunglasses. They carry everything from high end designers like Prada to the best lifestyle glasses from Ray-Ban.

Bear In Boots Gastropub 

Photo courtesy of

Eating at Bear in Boots Gastropub is one of the best experiences you can have on a Saturday night. They have one of a kind food and they have great entertainment on the weekends.

Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium 

Photo courtesy of

I’m a complete chocolate enthusiast, so it’s pretty easy to say this place has been a must stop since I was a little kid.

Black Dog General Store 

Photo courtesy of
 This store started on the Vineyard, it’s only fitting that their store is located in the heart of Falmouth Main Street.


Blast From the Past 

Photo courtesy of

When you walk into this store, it will feel like you are brought back to the 50’s.  This is a great store to get an authentic gift for your friends who loves Marilyn Monroe.

 Board Stiff 

Photo courtesy of

If you skate, surf, or love Billabong, you need to stop by this store next time you’re in town.  They have a great variety of clothing and shoes.

Caline For Kids 

Photo courtesy of

If you’re looking for some cute Cape Cod kids clothing, stop by Caline For Kids.


Photo courtesy of

This store is great for when you are shopping for a gift for someone special.  During Christmas time this store will put any Grinch into the Holiday spirit.

Eight Cousins 

Photo courtesy of

My favorite book store in town; they have one of the best selections of books and also offer you a quiet place to read them.

Ghelfi’s Candies & Ice Cream 

Photo courtesy of

Ghelfi’s Candies offers a premium selection of homemade candies.  Some of my favorites include their homemade barks and dipped oreos.

Green Eyed Daisy 

Photo courtesy of

When this store moved to Main Street a few years ago it instantly became my favorite place to shop.  It has some of the most gorgeous clothing in Falmouth, and dresses that will make you host an event just to have a place to wear them.

Headlines Salon and Day Spa

Photo courtesy of

If you need to get your hair done on Main Street and want a cut that is Instagram worthy, go no further than Headlines.

Homespun Garden

Photo courtesy of

One thing I love about this store is everytime you go there, the inside always looks different.  In the spring it’s decorated with fairies and during Halloween (my favorite) it is decorated spooky chic.

In the Pink 

Photo courtesy of

If you’re looking for your colorful Lilly fix, this store will be your heaven.   They also carry clothing from Resort and Shift.

La Cucina Sul Mare 

Photo courtesy of

If you’re looking for an Italian dinner that will blow your taste buds, you need to make a reservation here.

Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub and Restaurant 

Photo courtesy of

This places is one of the best places to grab a beer in Falmouth.  They also have karaoke Tuesdays during the summer, and nothing is better than watching people “sing”.

Maison Villatte

After eating at this bakery you would think you just teleported to France.  My favorite is the raspberry tart but, what ever you order here you will not be disappointed.

Maxwell & CO 

Photo courtesy of

When you’re waiting for you table to be ready at Anejo stop by Maxwell’s.  They have a great collection of contemporary clothing.

Parkside Market

Photo courtesy of

Perfect place to pick up a sandwich for lunch at the beach.   My go to is the farmhouse sandwich.

Puritan Cape Cod

Photo courtesy of

If you’re looking for a winter coat or boots in the winter or some scandals or swim apparel in the summer this is the best place to go.  They carry some of the best brands that are known to last.

Quarterdeck Restaurant 

Photo courtesy of

If you’re craving some great seafood this is the place you need to make your reservation.

Simply Divine Pizza Company  

Photo courtesy of

My favorite restaurant in town.  Not only do they have the best pizza in town, they also have some pretty delicious sandwiches.

The Pickle Jar Kitchen

Photo by Cara Peterson

One of the best breakfast places in town in my opinion. If you’re a person who likes a sweet or savory breakfast, you’ll love this place.


Photo courtesy of

If you’re looking for some Cape Cod inspired jewelry, this is my favorite place to get pieces in Falmouth.


Photo courtesy of

Twigs is one the my favorite little gift shops in Falmouth. They have jewelry made by local artists and cute Cape Cod housewares.

What’s in My Beach Bag

We are about half way through summer and sadly I’ve been to the beach only a few times.  I know, I think last summer I went at least a few times a week.  As a native Cape Codder, I know a little about how to pack the perfect beach bag.  So here we go.

My bag

My beach bag is not your typical colorful bag, but I love the fridge, also it’s has a round shape and no sand gets stuck inside of it.  I got this bag from American Eagle probably last summer for under $10.  If you’re ever looking for an inexpensive well made a bag look for an end of season sales at American eagle.

The Travel Bottle

IMG_1676 copy.jpg

Never ever go to the beach without a water bottle.  The reason is no one wants to stand on the hot pavement waiting for the millions of kids trying to get their ice cream.  You don’t have to fill it with water, the beverage is up to you.

Viter Energy

IMG_1678 (1).jpg

For me, I’m always exhausted at the beach, but where do you get good coffee at the beach? The answer, is sadly nowhere, at least on the cape.  These mints are super tasty and actually give you some energy to beat everyone in can jam.

Bare Republic Thermal Serum


Lets just say, the sun is horrible.  I got a sunburn on my leg yesterday from just eating lunch outside.  The sun is also very damaging to your hair, but this serum can help protect it.  Also, you can use it as a detangler and a leave in conditioner.

Maaji Swimwear

IMG_1679 (1).jpg

I absolutely love this brand more than you could ever know.  I probably spend hours going through their website wishing I could buy everything.  They have extremely creative patterns and literally everything you could need.  From bags to yoga pants.



I always put the lotion in my beach bag, because my skin is always so dry.  Always keep your skin hydrated when you’re out.