5 Tips for Online Shopping

Today I was taking a walk with my dog and I said that inspired me to write this post.  What I said in conversation was “I could write A book on online shopping”.  The thing about that statement is I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Over the past year of me shopping I have saved well over a thousand dollars.  I saved $200 dollars on a brand new macbook from the apple store.  Who doesn’t pay full  price for a macbook? That’s what inspired me to write this article.

1. Get on their Mailing list and Actually read your email


Every day I get email that stores I shop at are having sales.  And with those emails I have learned what the real sales are.  Right now American eagle is having a sale that is a complete rip off.  That is because in a couple of weeks that are going to have a sale that is 60% off clearance rather then their sale right now that is up to 60% off.  My online rule is I never buy anything unless it is at least 50% off and under $20.

2.  Read The Reviews

Sometimes their is a reason something is one sale.  Always read the reviews and look at the photos if they have them.  I know modcloth has photos in their reviews which are really helpful when you are deciding to buy something that is final sale.  Stores will do anything to make sure a product sells. Read the lowest review and always read the top.

3.  Search For Coupons

Do you want to know how I got $200 off my macbook?  When ever you buy anything online always search for coupons.  Say you where going to buy A shirt from Pacsun, search in google pacsun coupons.  You might find something helpful.

4.  Tell the company how much you like them

Two years ago I chatted with lulus online and told them I loved their store and always love the clothing on their sight.  I wasn’t looking for anything in return but I got a code to get 15% off.  Even though that doesn’t seem like a lot It still saved me a lot when I was buying my dress for formals.


If the site is creeping you out don’t buy anything from it.  No clothing is worth you getting your information stolen.


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