5 Things You Should Never be Ashamed About

This article idea came to me tonight when I was listening to One Direction on Spotify. Spotify posts everything you are listening to on Facebook.  But, they have this option to have a private session where everything you listen to doesn’t get posted. I was about to put it on private, but then I thought, Why should I care what people think about what I listen to?

1. How many Likes You get on Social Media

I feel like the Instagram likes-to-followers ratio is becoming more competitive between people my age than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning during a playoff game. I once was part of a conversation about scheduling out your Instagram posts to get the most likes. Honestly, whether you get 100 likes or one like, you are still going to be the same person at the end of the day.

2. What Kind of Music You Like

This was a big one for me going into college.  I like to listen to Taylor Swift and an occasional One direction song. But, I would constantly get sh*t from my old roommate about how horrible my music was. If you like listening to something, then you shouldn’t worry about what other people are thinking about, though. It’s your life.

3. Your Love Life

Everyone has a story that somehow defines them and everyone has a different opinion about relationships. I think it’s a great thing to talk about, but sometimes I keep things back because I don’t know how people are going to react. I’m not saying that you should be that person that tells everyone the intimate details of their sex life. What I’m saying is if something is bothering you (like the fact that you’re still thinking about the guy from last summer), it’s good to talk about it with friends.

4. Your Body

Everyone has thoughts about their body that are not positive. I used to be very embarrassed about my nose and I got bullied all through grade school about it.  It’s been a long time since someone has brought it up. That is, until this summer when one of my campers asked, “Why is your nose pointed up?” Admittedly, yes, it still hurts. But, the person that I have grown into isn’t bothered by that comment and that’s someone who I never would have guessed I’d become. You are beautiful. Own that.

5. Speaking Your Mind

When something bothers you, keeping it in is the worse thing you can possibly do. This is especially true for people who reading this and are entering into your first year of school.  Learning how to show and tell people how you feel is something that most people don’t have.

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