Tom Box Review

I’ve always wanted to get a Tombox, but I didn’t actually go through with it until this summer. I think the idea of this box is great. “That time of the month” is usually just a date you circle on your monthly calendar and dread, but this box gives you things to look forward to for that day, rather than the customary of foreboding not being able to move off your couch.

What’s In the Box?

This is kinda like a Alex and Ani bracelet, but slightly better quality. There’s not a better feeling than getting a new piece of jewelry.   
This necklace is perfect to wear over a black tank or shirt. The reason why I love this necklace is through the dark colors you can perfectly see the flower.  

 Night Mask


As an insomniac the best thing in my makeup bag is a great concealer.  What I love about this one is it is the size of a pen.  

 Lip Color


This eyeliner is the coolest thing in the world, no kidding.  It twists off to a container with the black eyeliner and the top pulls off with a brush.  

 Eye Color

There’s nothing I love more than neutral eyeshadow colors.  This eye shadow is great because it is easy to apply and stays on for hours.  


Lastly the most important part of this box.  Tampons are something I hate buying at the store, and it’s even worse when you don’t have any and need some.  This box sends you tampons before you need to even worry about not having one.

Get yours at!

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