5 Reasons Why The Bachelor is The Most Unfeminist Show on TV

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The Bachelor is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, but it is truly one of the worst shows on television.  It plays with people’s emotions, is unrealistic, and is insulting to women.  I just recently watched Unreal, a fictional show that is about the behind the scenes abo a show similar to The Bachelor.

1. It puts women against each other for a man’s attention 

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One of the biggest problems in feminism is women not supporting each other.  More often than not, women call other women words like “slut and whore” rather than men.  Every season of The Bachelor these words are not absent from the screen.

2. Women get called out for having sex, but the men do not

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Does anyone not think that Ben Higgins did not have sex with all of his final three women? Ben never shed a tear about it or was made to feel bad about about having sex with these women, but Kaitlyn was called out and made to explain herself.  Kaitlyn is able to make her own decisions so why was it a big deal that she decided to have sex before the fantasy suite.

3. The Dates 

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In the group dates, the women are always in competition against each other. For example, in Sean’s season they had a Derby date where many of the women got injured; and in the current season, where they had a trivia contest and the women couldn’t recall where a state was on the map. 

Photo courtesy of conservativenewager.com

Then recall the “Pretty Women” date in Sean’s season.  A woman was taken to Rodeo Drive and picked out a dress to match her diamond earrings and necklace.  Leslie, the women taken on the date then said, “Sean has taken control and made me feel more like a woman than I’ve ever felt before.” Bringing up the concept that women can’t control their own destiny.

4. It’s all about views and money 

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The producers of this show do not care about the women of this show, they care about what can make them money.  They play on emotion and jealousy.  If someone is crying there’s a camera on it in seconds, their breakups are in public and are never done in a sensible way.   For example, the final rose – the engagement.   When the bachelor is getting ready to propose he knows which one he’s sending home.  Why put the girl through getting ready, seeing him in a suit, in a romantic setting, than just letting her down easy privately.

5. 2015 Season of The Bachelorette 

Gif courtesy of  bustle.com

This season of The Bachelorette went too far. Not only did they pick two women to be the bachelorette, but they put them against each other. Through the editing, they made Britt look like the pretty one, and Kaitlyn the funny one. This is something I don’t believe they would ever of done on The Bachelor.

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