Why Candy Club is the best thing ever

Photo courtesy of groupon.com
 When something comes in at the perfect time, you have to praise it and that’s what I did when a box of sweets from Candy Club arrived at my doorstep. When college gets stressful it’s ok to turn to a little candy to brighten the gloomiest of test days.  
Photo courtesy of sweetfactory.com

These people are the candy experts. I’m from the Cape and I thought I’ve tasted the best homemade taffy possible, but the cotton candy taffy I got in my box was more addicting than anything I’ve ever tasted before. It’s probably a very good thing it was the smallest part of my box.  

The jelly beans were very good, and always the blue one was my favorite.

My feelings on the sour strips (sour belts) and the gummy butterflies were split. They were both good in their own way, but they lost their appeal after a while.  

This box is great, and if you join their mailing list you can get a great deal for some specialty candy. Also it’s delivered to your door and nothing can get better than that. 

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