5 Reasons to Join Good Luck Sock

Photo courtesy of makesomethingedmonton.ca

Good Luck Sock is a company I just recently found, and am a little too obsessed with these Toucan socks I got. Literally the cutest thing ever.

Photo courtesy of goodlucksock.com

1. Your sock game will be the strongest ever

Photo courtesy of blogspot.com

Their socks have some of the most unique and creative ideas out there. They also work with a great blend of colors and designs.

2. They do a monthly club

Photo courtesy of wordpress.com

Getting something in the mail, at least for me, is so much more fun than going out shopping; plus, a little surprise once in awhile is cool!  They offer a monthly club, which even makes the socks less expensive.

3. The way they are made 

Photo courtesy of capsuleshow.com

Socks for me either last forever or are a one time wear. Currently, my most well made socks were Huf socks and you can’t really wear those everywhere. So far, these socks are hole free.

4.  The variety

Photo courtesy of royalbison.ca

Maybe you like your socks goofy or a little conservative, but nothing close to plain. Good Luck Sock has socks for everyone and everyone’s different personalities – everyone from the Phoebes of the world to the Rachels.

5. Because toucans are too adorable

Photo courtesy of boldsocks.com

These socks are kinda like a nice pair of jeans, you know, the pair that makes your butt look just perfect. And like those jeans, you like them so much you buy another pair.

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