What to Wear Through Cuffing Season

According to Urban Dictionary cuffing season is, “during the fall and winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.”

Pre Season – August

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

During the summer months is when you’re doing you.  You’re spending your days at the beach and coming home at 3am after a fun night with your girls.  Your outfits are colorful and bold like  your personality.

Get the look; Charlotte Russe, skirt, Azbro

Regular season- Mid September Your first date

During cuffing there are no Netflix and chill dates, or late night booty calls.  These are real dates.  Dinner and a movie, and apple picking and cider.

Dinner Dates

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

For this, stick to a classic black dress and a pair of flats.  What I love about little black dresses is they are easily convertible to look fancy or casual.

Get the look; Lulus, Choices

Coffee date

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For dinner dates stick to a classic fall outfit.  What I would wear would be a pair of black skinny jeans, boots, and a cute shirt.

Get the look; Stuart Waitzman, Express, Make me Chic


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You never realize how adorable workout clothing is until you have to get ready for a hiking date.  The best place to get workout clothing is at your local TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Get the look; Converse, Jcrew, Wolrich


Photo courtesy of google images

This is possibly the most epic first date ever.  And is actually on my bucket list for a first date I need to go on.  For this, your outfit is chosen for you, but you can still look cute in your jumpsuit.

Semi Finals- October

During this stage you ghost everyone except your top three or four.  Ghost the guys you let go.  It may seem mean, but they’re probably doing the same thing.  For these next dates do something that helps you know the person a little better.

Haunted house

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

During this time it’s close to Halloween.  These dates are great to get to know who people really are.  What you should wear is pretty open to you, just in case you have to run away from a goon, leave the stilettos at home.

Get the look; Shit I knit, H&M, Oasap

Corn Maze

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Going on adventures is a great way to get to know someone. Corn Mazes can sometimes be challenging, if you go to a good one.  They are a great way to know how if your bae is good under pressure.

Get the look; ASOS, H&M, Target

Final- Championship

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

At this step you’ve found your bae.  What ever you wear on your future dates is up to you.  Whether it is Netflix and Chill or a cute ice skating, your outfits can be more casual and relaxed.

Get the look; Levi’s, Express, H&M

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