Solutions for every dorm room problem

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Dorm rooms are actually the worst thing ever.  You’re paying $1,000 a month for a 10 by 10 room that smells like old chinese food, because your windows are stuck closed. But you have to deal with it, so I’m here to help.
If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…Kitchen Storage
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 You’re going to get sick of eating at the dining hall and you’re going to eat at least two weeks in your room.  The only problem is even if you’re lucky enough to have storage in door, chances are your printer and books has taken up most of the room.  


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 If you have a closet or wardrobe, bring a storage container and place your kitchenwares in there and put it on the top.  Unless it’s a coffee mug, you’re not going to be needing it every day.  If you place it uptop, it won’t take up empty room in your dorm.
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If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…A good closet
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 For starters, do not bring too much clothing to school.  Even if it’s really cute and you think you’ll need it, chances are you won’t.


If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…Good Lighting
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 Dorm rooms have horrible lighting, whenever I try to take any photos, it turns out yellow.  If you can, take advantage of the natural light or buy lighting for your room.  

If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…Adequate Light Exposure

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My dorm room is on the first floor, right next to a sidewalk, so sadly my window is covered up by blinds and a curtain. To add a little light to your room, add a mirror to your wall.  The light will bounce off the mirror and create brightness. 

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