This Ethical Bandanna Company Is Changing the Game

My two biggest loves in this world are food and dogs.  Living in an area were adopting is very relevant and a large part of the community, I always look for small companies that I can support that are also supporting various dog foundations.  This is how I found the bandanna company Cheifs that creates ethical and super chic bandannas.


Cheifs was launched in 2017 in Los Angeles.  The created a well crafted bandana that any age, gender, or species could wear, while also supporting amazing causes that are important.

Orange Chief – Austin Pets Alive

IMG_2561.jpgTheir limited edition orange Chief was designed to raise money for Austin Pets Alive.  Each bandana helps find a shelter for a dog in need.  My favorite part about this bandana was the little paw prints representing the cause.

The OG Chief – Toys for Tots


Their black and white Oxblood Chief is designed to raise money for Toys for Tots.  My favorite part of this bandana was the contrasts of the Oxblood hem. Being a college student, being broke, and living in a cold area I used it to surprise someone with a night of indoor camping and this bandana was perfect for the surprise.

The Vintage Cheif

IMG_2573.jpgThis bandanna has my  favorite color combination and also gives back to Toys For Tots.  One of my favorite things to do with bandanas is use them to decorate my apartment.  These bandana are so unique and they’re made with a fabric that is more silky soft then your typical bandana.

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