If You’re Not Using Hair Bars, You Need to Read This

After finally getting my hair professionally dyed, I become a little addicted to having the most healthy hair care regimen possible.  Another, the great part about using hair bar is they are also better for the environment.  Unwrapped Life’s mission is to reduce single-use plastic in products while also making them stylish and sustainable.

Unwrapped life was started by two entrepreneurs Arden and  Hayley.  After giving birth to her first her first daughter she suffered from post- partum anxiety and developed “eco-anxiety”.  She became so worried about the disposable plastic in our daily lives and how it was going to effect our future generations.


Hayley and Arden started looking for ways to cut plastic out of their lives, but there were very few options.  Especially when it came to conditioner and shampoo.  They started formulating and researching their own bars that work amazingly on all hair types.  They are passionate about making spreading awareness and creating amazing hair days.

The hair bars I got were The Hydrator shampoo and conditioner.  One of the best parts of this combo was how it realized how important it is to hydrate your hair.  These bars are made with amla oil and colloidal oil.  This hair duo works to treat scalp ailments, including psoriasis, rashes, excema, and dryness.


Living in northern Vermont this hair duo is perfect for the winter time.  The cold winds and air can be very harsh to my hair.  Within a few days, I saw a difference in how my hair was feeling.

These bars are great for hair that is damaged and in need of some shine and repair.  These bars are full of vitamin B and natural polyacrylamide beta-glucan.  That acts as an emollient, the oatmeal delivers shine, moister and damage repair.  It makes your hair softer than any other shampoo and conditioner combo I’ve used.

Finally, I wanted to test how well this product works on different hair types.  My hair is pretty frail and thin.  On my hair, it worked great to give me more shine and help with my damaged ends.  But, I wanted to see how it would work on my two roommates hair.  My one roommate  has super thick hair and my other roommate has curly hair.


After letting them use the product for a few day they saw nothing but improvements on their hair.  Being in Vermont, which is super concerned with the health of our environment, they also loved the social impact of the product.

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