The Sharks Made A Giant Mistake By Not Investing in Sap!

I am always so grateful for the food I learn about in Burlington, most importantly the maple products I’m exposed to.  I learned about Sap! when I was a freshman living on campus and have been following how they are expanding their business.  Recently, I was watching Shark Tank and was super surprised the sharks did not make a deal with Sap.


Sap offers three different beverages.  They have a maple soda, maple seltzer, and birch sparkling water.  Out of the three, my favorite was the maple soda.  As someone who never drinks soda it was a very healthy way when I wanted to drink something sweet.

There are almost half the calories of your favorite soda in a can of their maple soda.  This is a great product for people who have a sweet tooth like me but are also trying to stay healthy.


After this summer I became obsessed with seltzer, which is why I was so surprised the sharks did not make a deal with this company.  Last summer was all about La Croix, and next summer could be all about Sap!


Lastly, I had the bitch, which the sharks were not a fan of.  I personally believe their feelings on this drink was to make TV more interesting.  The reason is, I’m probably one of the pickiest eaters, have reviewed many restaurants, therefore I’m not afraid to say when something does not taste good.  I really liked the birch drink, I like to drink it in the morning, it’s a healthy way to start the day. 


Not only does Sap sell beverages that are non-gmo, gluten-free, contain natural sugars, and are crafted by farmers, they are also passionate about donating 1% of their revenue to organizations working in the regenerative agriculture space.



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