Veestro Delivers Five Star Meals Right To Your Door

It seems like every day there are new meal prep companies.  All promising amazing food that is super convenient.  Many of the kits I have tried, but nothing compares to the experience had with Veestro.

Veestro gives you more options than any other meal prep kits.  You can choose from meal packs, a la carte, weight loss, or juice cleanses.  After you place your order in a few short days your fully prepared chef- created, hand-crafted meals arrive in eco-friendly packaging.


Photo courtesy of Veestro


My favorite part besides the taste of their food was how convenient it was.  After having classes for 10 hours without time to take a break for lunch, these meals were extremely convenient.  Each meal took under ten minutes to make, was dairy free, and tasted better than any fancy meals I’ve ever had at a restaurant.


Veestro is a plant-based meal service.  What I loved about this is you didn’t feel like you were missing out on anything.  Many services that are vegan tend to be for people who are hardcore, not people looking for a healthy delicious alternative.  Veestro is great for people who are looking for a way to eat more plants, but a looking for a simple and easy plan.


For people like me who are too busy to meal prep, spend extra time in the grocery store looking for ingredients Veestro is amazing.  The meals I got were mushroom stroganoff, thai chicken stew, shr’mp jambalaya, enchilada casserole, and roasted beet and kale salad.


It was hard to pick a favorite meal.  I’m stuck in a pickle between the Thai Chick’n Stew and the Enchilada Casserole.  Being someone who is lactose intolerant you rarely ever find a dairy-free cheese that is good.  The enchilada casserole had the best vegan cheese I have ever tried.

The Thai chick’n stew and the shr’mp jambalaya was an amazing pick me up for the cold winter days.  The biggest reason why I loved this is because Veestro made is so simple and easy to eat real food.  The kale salad was perfect for an easy lunch.  In under thirty seconds I had something to eat inbetween classes.

Photo courtesy of Veestro

The vegan mushroom stroganoff was what interest me the most.  The reason being is normally is made with a very creamy sause and I was very courisous how it was going to taste with coconut milk.  I was happily surprised on how good this tasted because this meal is normally something that is made with both meat and dairy. My final thoughts is I would definetly try Veestro again and will continue to get meals from them for the years to come.  As a college student who tries there best to be healthy, this food serivce is amazing.


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