Dam At Waking Windows Is The Best Way To Start Your Cinco De Mayo

This coming weekend is one of the best weekends of the year in Winooski.  Waking Windows is one of my favorite festivals I’ve been to. It takes over normally quite downtown Winooski into a music lovers paradise.


Photo courtesy of Allston Pudding


Besides having three full days of music they also have a “Dam” which is a gathering of artisans selling their eclectic handmade + vintage goods, surrounded by live music, food, and drinks.  Here’s the artistic that are going to be featured this Saturday at Waking Windows. 



Photo courtesy of Northwood Gallery


LVLVT Pottery is owned by a young potter named Lindsey based out of Burlington, Vermont.  Her focus on making functional and vibrant wares.

Muddy Toes Terrariums


Photo courtesy of Muddy Toes Terrariums


Muddy Toes Terrariums began in Susan Goldstein’s backyard.  Each terrarium is one of a kind, original, and handcrafted.  The plants are carefully selected to create secret small places for imagination to roam. 

Billie Jean Vintage


Photo courtesy of Seven Days


Billie Jean Vintage has the best looks from the roaring 20’s to the 80’s.  They do not only sell vintage clothing, but also provide retro-inspired new clothing for women and men.

Pleasant Ranch


Photo courtesy of Youtube


Pleasant Ranch is a one-man woodworking and content – creative shop located in Burlington, VT.  Steve Hadeka creates one of a kind barware, home decor, kitchen ware and the occasional furniture piece.  Steve also plays two to four gigs a week with various regional bands.

Raegan Hough Metalsmith


Photo courtesy of Moretown Artisans’ Sale


Raegan Hough is from Waterbury, Vermont and began your journey as a medal smith in 2008.  As someone who is not super into jewelry, I was shocked at how much I loved Raegan’s jewelry.  There is so much craftsmanship as well-being super unique.

Wings of Sin


Photo courtesy of Faceboook


Wings of Sin started in a tiny house on top of a mountain in Vermont.  Melaney has been sewing for over a decade and started experimenting with creating things for more than just herself.  Wings of Sin is unique articles of clothing for everyone.

Mean Folk


Photo courtesy of meanfolk.tumblr.com


Mean Folk is a Vermont brand that launched in 2014,  It’s known for good people with bad attitudes.  They sell apparel, accessories, and some of the most hilarious pins I’ve ever seen.

Found & Feral


Phot courtesy of Etsy


Found and Feral is a jewelry company from Huntington, Vermont.  They make unique necklaces and earrings.

Hilaryannlove Studio


Photo courtesy of Etsy


Hilary started her Etsy shop in 2010 because she loved printmaking and recently started making tiny aluminum etchings.  What started as a hobby continues to grow every year.

Grooves and Grain


Photo courtesy of Grooves & Grain


Being raised in Vermont taught the owner responsibility of our actions, and the importance of knowing your own impact.  Her passion for environmentalism and art is what inspired her to use reclaimed leather in all their products.

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