Why Choose Maple? Untapped Brings Your Workout Up A Notch

Nothing says New England like the outdoors and maple syrup! Maple syrup is not just for your pancakes anymore on a Sunday morning. Created by Ted King, Untapped Syrup products are an incredible natural fuel source!!


I found out about Untapped while I was attending the University of Vermont. Vermont is known for the outdoors and their passion for natural local products. Untapped is unlike your typical energy product, they don’t need to rely on flashy advertising or gimmicks. it is a simple natural product to fuel you during your next workout or race.


Unlike your typical energy gels, Untapped is simply made by removing the water from pure Vermont maple sap, resulting in a highly concentrated maple product.  The lack of heavy processing is an additional benefit that most competitors lack.

Maple syrup is low-glycemic which means instead of offering you a quick burst of energy, Untapped offers you a more prolonged sustained energy.  Maple Syrup contains riboflavin, manganese, zinc, calcium, and potassium. These components promote muscle recovery, energy production, and can help to prevent cramping during long periods of activity.

Maple syrup has more than fifty antioxidants creating a powerful free radical fighting cocktail!  It prevents muscle deterioration by containing amino acids. Since it is water soluble, it is quick to absorb and easy to digest!


Recently, Untapped has also released their newest product: Untapped Maple Aid! This is the best way to stay hydrated on those long rides or runs! Much like the syrup, it is a simplistic mix of natural ingredients, sure to keep you going! Much like the original UnTapped product, it comes in two flavors caffeine-free Ginger Mapleaid and Lemon Tea Mapleaid, which is caffeinated with natural black tea.  ,

All in all UnTapped maple is organic, has a very simple list of ingredients and all you need for your next adventure!



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