Why I Stopped Being An “Influencer”

Eight years ago, I started Don’t Be Common Fashion. As a preteen and into my teen years, I was obsessed with reading fashion magazines, but I hated how each publication had a section like “Who wore it better” or “The Fashion Police”. It made me furious, therefore I started Don’t Be Common Fashion to create an online community where people could share their love for fashion without judgment.

Currently, I’m interviewing for jobs.  In each interview, I’m asked what my best achievement is. In most interviews I bring up this blog. It created my passion for marketing, lead me to work with amazing businesses, and created an outlet that created self-love for myself I don’t think I would have without Don’t Be Common Fashion.

When I say this, it always comes up with the follow-up question of if I’m still writing and posting for Don’t Be Common Fashion. My response is something I’m not proud of. I was influencing products before being an influencer was something you could put on your LinkedIn page. The thing is I loved influencing before diet teas and MLM products become something you see on a daily bases. I got amazing opportunities to work with small companies that created a social impact into their business plan, but that industry quickly changed and became oversaturated. The small businesses I loved working for either got overwhelmed by contacts from influencers and decided to stop influencer marketing completely.

One of the most important parts of creating Don’t Be Common Fashion was creating an authentic online community. In my option being a full-time influencer does not create a sustainable future. The truth about the influencer community is that most of the products they promote end up hanging out in a closet or even thrown out after the perfectly curated photo is posted and the funds from the company are posted into their PayPal account.

When I was going through my blog this morning and could not believe it has been almost two years since I have posted anything. When I was in high school and throughout college, this blog acted as a positive outlet. I loved writing and creating posts for the DBC Instagram account. Therefore, my goal for the new decade (I know it sounds lame) is to get back to posting. I started Don’t Be because I hated the stigma around unique fashion, therefore, why not become an authentic influencer?

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