About Me

My name is Cara, I’m20 years young & a Junior at University of Vermont and enthusiast of all things Fashion, beauty and life-related.


Once Upon a Time, In May of 2012, after Instagram stalking various fashion Instagrams I decided to start @dontbecommonfashion.  Going through school I saw how much fashion was judged and even adults doing it on popular shows like fashion police.  I wanted to create a place where people felt safe to show their passion about their own style and not worrying about what other people thought.

After a year of getting responses from people from all over the world about fashion and life advice.  I decided to start dontbecommonfashion.com.  Thank you for everyone who takes the time to read and comment showing interest in fashion.

Fun Facts

nicknames people call me:


favorite thing in my house:

Bela, my yellow lab

pet peeves:

snoring, lateness

worst habit:

major procrastinator, little social media obsessed

go-to- drink:

any red wine

first celebrity crush:

jessie mcCartney

three all time favorite TV Shows:

eureka, psych, friends

fictional character you would want as your best friend:

mindy lahiri

if you could take one candy to a desert island:

anything gummy