Why I Stopped Being An “Influencer”

Eight years ago, I started Don’t Be Common Fashion. As a preteen and into my teen years, I was obsessed with reading fashion magazines, but I hated how each publication had a section like “Who wore it better” or “The Fashion Police”. It made me furious, therefore I started Don’t Be Common Fashion to create an online community where people could share their love for fashion without judgment.

Currently, I’m interviewing for jobs.  In each interview, I’m asked what my best achievement is. In most interviews I bring up this blog. It created my passion for marketing, lead me to work with amazing businesses, and created an outlet that created self-love for myself I don’t think I would have without Don’t Be Common Fashion.

When I say this, it always comes up with the follow-up question of if I’m still writing and posting for Don’t Be Common Fashion. My response is something I’m not proud of. I was influencing products before being an influencer was something you could put on your LinkedIn page. The thing is I loved influencing before diet teas and MLM products become something you see on a daily bases. I got amazing opportunities to work with small companies that created a social impact into their business plan, but that industry quickly changed and became oversaturated. The small businesses I loved working for either got overwhelmed by contacts from influencers and decided to stop influencer marketing completely.

One of the most important parts of creating Don’t Be Common Fashion was creating an authentic online community. In my option being a full-time influencer does not create a sustainable future. The truth about the influencer community is that most of the products they promote end up hanging out in a closet or even thrown out after the perfectly curated photo is posted and the funds from the company are posted into their PayPal account.

When I was going through my blog this morning and could not believe it has been almost two years since I have posted anything. When I was in high school and throughout college, this blog acted as a positive outlet. I loved writing and creating posts for the DBC Instagram account. Therefore, my goal for the new decade (I know it sounds lame) is to get back to posting. I started Don’t Be because I hated the stigma around unique fashion, therefore, why not become an authentic influencer?

Why Choose Maple? Untapped Brings Your Workout Up A Notch

Nothing says New England like the outdoors and maple syrup! Maple syrup is not just for your pancakes anymore on a Sunday morning. Created by Ted King, Untapped Syrup products are an incredible natural fuel source!!


I found out about Untapped while I was attending the University of Vermont. Vermont is known for the outdoors and their passion for natural local products. Untapped is unlike your typical energy product, they don’t need to rely on flashy advertising or gimmicks. it is a simple natural product to fuel you during your next workout or race.


Unlike your typical energy gels, Untapped is simply made by removing the water from pure Vermont maple sap, resulting in a highly concentrated maple product.  The lack of heavy processing is an additional benefit that most competitors lack.

Maple syrup is low-glycemic which means instead of offering you a quick burst of energy, Untapped offers you a more prolonged sustained energy.  Maple Syrup contains riboflavin, manganese, zinc, calcium, and potassium. These components promote muscle recovery, energy production, and can help to prevent cramping during long periods of activity.

Maple syrup has more than fifty antioxidants creating a powerful free radical fighting cocktail!  It prevents muscle deterioration by containing amino acids. Since it is water soluble, it is quick to absorb and easy to digest!


Recently, Untapped has also released their newest product: Untapped Maple Aid! This is the best way to stay hydrated on those long rides or runs! Much like the syrup, it is a simplistic mix of natural ingredients, sure to keep you going! Much like the original UnTapped product, it comes in two flavors caffeine-free Ginger Mapleaid and Lemon Tea Mapleaid, which is caffeinated with natural black tea.  ,

All in all UnTapped maple is organic, has a very simple list of ingredients and all you need for your next adventure!



Getaway House Is The Perfect Millennial Getaway

A little over a month ago I took a trip unlike any other  and surprisingly it was one of the most amazing and relaxing  travel experiences I have ever had. My last semester of college was extremely stressful and a trip to Getaway was exactly what I needed.


Getaway is kind of like an AirBNB for glamping, like camping without any struggles.  It is designed to allow a person the experience of bringing you back to your elements, rediscovering  the pleasures of boredom, immersing in the magic of the woods, and the simplicity of unstructured time.  

Getaway Houses are located near/around three of the most  popular cities on the East Coast-Boston, DC, and New York City. Each of these tiny getaway houses are  within an hour driving distance from all three cities. For people who have busy jobs and are constantly surrounded by technology this is the perfect trip to clear your mind.  


As someone whose job is to keep social media accounts running smoothly and effectively I’m constantly glued to  my phone or computer. To say the least, the thought of having a few days with no wifi access grabbed my attention right away.  It’s funny how I went from checking my email all day everyday to being placed in a tiny house with no service or wifi… and let’s just say it was amazing.


One of the most interesting parts of Getaway House  is they don’t give you any time for planning. As someone who has a task list for everyday this was terrifying, but it ended up being the best part of the trip.  

About a week before the trip you find out what town your tiny house is located in and the day of the trip you’re given the name of your cabin. What I liked about this was  there was no schedule and we didn’t run out of time to do the things we wanted to. . We were traveling on a whim and enjoying activities that we just happened to randomly come across.  


This was my first time staying in a tiny house and it was probably the most well planned part of Getaway house. Each of the tiny houses are carefully designed to have everything you will need and nothing excess. They do provide all the necessary things like towels,linens, and cooking essentials.  

.  One of the most interesting things was the cabin had no mirrors. As  someone who wears makeup everyday I loved not having to think about how I looked during my trip.  Keeping myself away from the mirror was incredibly good for my self esteem.

Surprisingly, the bed was extremely comfortable..  Usually, when thinking about camping you don’t ever assume you’re  going to be comfy, but at Getaway you have a soft bed and a giant window with a great view of the trees.


My favorite part was definitely how secluded you feel in these cabins.  We were lucky that our cabin was far off the road with few other cabins to invade on our space. .  The whole process of planning Getaway may have been the most simple experience I’ve ever had when planning a trip. Their site has all the info you will need and the booking process is very easy. Once you arrive to the check in point,they text you a code with your cabin assignment and that’s all you need to have a tech free vacation.  

Aloa Skincare Needs To Be In Your Makeup Bag This Summer

After being on being on Accutane, my skin care is one of the most important parts of my daily routine. Being on Accutane taught me to actually look at the ingredients in the products you use. Let me tell you, many of the products I bought at the drugstore did more harm than good to my skin.
Aloa started with the goal of creating skincare that was natural and as safe as possible. Products that are made from fruits, plants, oils and other natural resources are more effective than other skin care formulas.

Image result for aloa skincare

The products I tried were Aloe Vera Mist, Berry bomb dry lip defense, and the Hyaluronic Serum. One of the biggest things I look for when it comes to skincare is if it has anti-acne properties. Aloe is great for killing the bacteria that prevents pimples, by tightening pore size.

Related image

For people who are in the sun a lot, these products are amazing. They also have anti-aging properties. The mist hydrates the skin by increasing elasticity and minimizes the appearance of dark spots.
The berry bomb is a great necessity to keep in your bag during the summer. It is far better than any other drugstore brands I’ve used, as well as has SPF15.

Lastly, I tried the Hyaluronic Serum. Before trying this I had to look into what that even was. The reason is you should never put products on your skin you don’t know what they are. Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000 times more weight than water, which means it is the perfect moisturizer for your skin. It creates a cushion to help plump the appearance of aging skin through water absorption. For me, this was perfect to use at night after a day out in the sun.

These products are great for people who spend time in the sun or worried about aging and acne. Did you know that guys actually have better skin than women because they moisturize every day when they shave? In my opinion, we should be worried about skin aging from a young age and being very aware of the products we use on our face. Many young people suffer from bad acne, I was one of them, products like Aloa skincare might have helped make my acne less aggressive and helped me have healthy clear skin.

Dam At Waking Windows Is The Best Way To Start Your Cinco De Mayo

This coming weekend is one of the best weekends of the year in Winooski.  Waking Windows is one of my favorite festivals I’ve been to. It takes over normally quite downtown Winooski into a music lovers paradise.


Photo courtesy of Allston Pudding


Besides having three full days of music they also have a “Dam” which is a gathering of artisans selling their eclectic handmade + vintage goods, surrounded by live music, food, and drinks.  Here’s the artistic that are going to be featured this Saturday at Waking Windows. 



Photo courtesy of Northwood Gallery


LVLVT Pottery is owned by a young potter named Lindsey based out of Burlington, Vermont.  Her focus on making functional and vibrant wares.

Muddy Toes Terrariums


Photo courtesy of Muddy Toes Terrariums


Muddy Toes Terrariums began in Susan Goldstein’s backyard.  Each terrarium is one of a kind, original, and handcrafted.  The plants are carefully selected to create secret small places for imagination to roam. 

Billie Jean Vintage


Photo courtesy of Seven Days


Billie Jean Vintage has the best looks from the roaring 20’s to the 80’s.  They do not only sell vintage clothing, but also provide retro-inspired new clothing for women and men.

Pleasant Ranch


Photo courtesy of Youtube


Pleasant Ranch is a one-man woodworking and content – creative shop located in Burlington, VT.  Steve Hadeka creates one of a kind barware, home decor, kitchen ware and the occasional furniture piece.  Steve also plays two to four gigs a week with various regional bands.

Raegan Hough Metalsmith


Photo courtesy of Moretown Artisans’ Sale


Raegan Hough is from Waterbury, Vermont and began your journey as a medal smith in 2008.  As someone who is not super into jewelry, I was shocked at how much I loved Raegan’s jewelry.  There is so much craftsmanship as well-being super unique.

Wings of Sin


Photo courtesy of Faceboook


Wings of Sin started in a tiny house on top of a mountain in Vermont.  Melaney has been sewing for over a decade and started experimenting with creating things for more than just herself.  Wings of Sin is unique articles of clothing for everyone.

Mean Folk


Photo courtesy of meanfolk.tumblr.com


Mean Folk is a Vermont brand that launched in 2014,  It’s known for good people with bad attitudes.  They sell apparel, accessories, and some of the most hilarious pins I’ve ever seen.

Found & Feral


Phot courtesy of Etsy


Found and Feral is a jewelry company from Huntington, Vermont.  They make unique necklaces and earrings.

Hilaryannlove Studio


Photo courtesy of Etsy


Hilary started her Etsy shop in 2010 because she loved printmaking and recently started making tiny aluminum etchings.  What started as a hobby continues to grow every year.

Grooves and Grain


Photo courtesy of Grooves & Grain


Being raised in Vermont taught the owner responsibility of our actions, and the importance of knowing your own impact.  Her passion for environmentalism and art is what inspired her to use reclaimed leather in all their products.

Waking Windows Is A Can’t-Miss Vermont Festival

Last year I was walking my dog around and I heard music in Winooski.  Usually a pretty quiet town, I was very curious about what was going on.  I walk down the hill to see this giant music festival.  My friend and I quickly got our tickets to Waking Windows and had our favorite weekend in Winooski we had since we moved there.


WW2018_Numbers_IG (2)
Photo courtesy of Waking Windows


Waking Windows started as a small 12 day festival at The Monkey House in 2011.  Now it has turned into a multi-venue, multi-city series of events promoting music, comedy, art, food, and drink.


Photo courtesy of Live Music Daily


What I loved about this event is there was always something going on.  Every restaurant and shop in Winooski gets taken over by amazing music. This festival does not just have music they also feature artists, food trucks, page burner reading series, cringe! A night of hilarious Humiliation, and Karaoke.


Photo courtesy of Allston Pudding


The venues for Waking Windows are Asian Bistro, Four Quarters Brewing, McKee’s Pub and Grill, Misery Loves. CO, Mule Bar, Lucky Cloud, Nectar and Root, Last Stop Sports Bar, Winooski State Park, Scout and Co, 41 Main, The Monkey House, Waterworks, The Outdoor Main Stage on Winooski Falls way, and Winooski Methodist Church.


Photo courtesy of Black Rabbit


The reason I say this is a can’t miss event because of the environment of the festival.  Every musician I saw last year was having the time of their life, which made the crowd even better.  The whole festival was incredibly well organized and extremely easy to get to being in the Burlington area.


Veestro Delivers Five Star Meals Right To Your Door

It seems like every day there are new meal prep companies.  All promising amazing food that is super convenient.  Many of the kits I have tried, but nothing compares to the experience had with Veestro.

Veestro gives you more options than any other meal prep kits.  You can choose from meal packs, a la carte, weight loss, or juice cleanses.  After you place your order in a few short days your fully prepared chef- created, hand-crafted meals arrive in eco-friendly packaging.


Photo courtesy of Veestro


My favorite part besides the taste of their food was how convenient it was.  After having classes for 10 hours without time to take a break for lunch, these meals were extremely convenient.  Each meal took under ten minutes to make, was dairy free, and tasted better than any fancy meals I’ve ever had at a restaurant.


Veestro is a plant-based meal service.  What I loved about this is you didn’t feel like you were missing out on anything.  Many services that are vegan tend to be for people who are hardcore, not people looking for a healthy delicious alternative.  Veestro is great for people who are looking for a way to eat more plants, but a looking for a simple and easy plan.


For people like me who are too busy to meal prep, spend extra time in the grocery store looking for ingredients Veestro is amazing.  The meals I got were mushroom stroganoff, thai chicken stew, shr’mp jambalaya, enchilada casserole, and roasted beet and kale salad.


It was hard to pick a favorite meal.  I’m stuck in a pickle between the Thai Chick’n Stew and the Enchilada Casserole.  Being someone who is lactose intolerant you rarely ever find a dairy-free cheese that is good.  The enchilada casserole had the best vegan cheese I have ever tried.

The Thai chick’n stew and the shr’mp jambalaya was an amazing pick me up for the cold winter days.  The biggest reason why I loved this is because Veestro made is so simple and easy to eat real food.  The kale salad was perfect for an easy lunch.  In under thirty seconds I had something to eat inbetween classes.

Photo courtesy of Veestro

The vegan mushroom stroganoff was what interest me the most.  The reason being is normally is made with a very creamy sause and I was very courisous how it was going to taste with coconut milk.  I was happily surprised on how good this tasted because this meal is normally something that is made with both meat and dairy. My final thoughts is I would definetly try Veestro again and will continue to get meals from them for the years to come.  As a college student who tries there best to be healthy, this food serivce is amazing.


The Sharks Made A Giant Mistake By Not Investing in Sap!

I am always so grateful for the food I learn about in Burlington, most importantly the maple products I’m exposed to.  I learned about Sap! when I was a freshman living on campus and have been following how they are expanding their business.  Recently, I was watching Shark Tank and was super surprised the sharks did not make a deal with Sap.


Sap offers three different beverages.  They have a maple soda, maple seltzer, and birch sparkling water.  Out of the three, my favorite was the maple soda.  As someone who never drinks soda it was a very healthy way when I wanted to drink something sweet.

There are almost half the calories of your favorite soda in a can of their maple soda.  This is a great product for people who have a sweet tooth like me but are also trying to stay healthy.


After this summer I became obsessed with seltzer, which is why I was so surprised the sharks did not make a deal with this company.  Last summer was all about La Croix, and next summer could be all about Sap!


Lastly, I had the bitch, which the sharks were not a fan of.  I personally believe their feelings on this drink was to make TV more interesting.  The reason is, I’m probably one of the pickiest eaters, have reviewed many restaurants, therefore I’m not afraid to say when something does not taste good.  I really liked the birch drink, I like to drink it in the morning, it’s a healthy way to start the day. 


Not only does Sap sell beverages that are non-gmo, gluten-free, contain natural sugars, and are crafted by farmers, they are also passionate about donating 1% of their revenue to organizations working in the regenerative agriculture space.



Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vermont Juice Co. Next Time You’re Downtown

After years of following Vermont Juice Company on Instagram, I finally tried a few of their juices.  I have done many juices cleanses in the past, but nothing compared to my experience trying VT Juice Co.  The reason is they were healthy, locally sourced, and tasted amazing.  I have never this amazing of experience of healthy food tasting this good.

The juices I tried were blackout, brain boost, lemon remedy, and omega maple nut milk.  Blackout was the juice I was most interested in because I’ve never had a drink with charcoal in it.  Being a stressed out senior really made me interested in Brain Boost.  If anyone has not tried lemon remedy, it’s the only way I will drink lemonade now.  Finally, being someone who is allergic to dairy I’m always down to try new dairy free milks.


1.  Burlington’s ONLY Cold Pressed Juice Shop


Vermont Juice Co. was founded by a native Vermonter.  Their juice is made fresh daily each morning on site at their kitchen.  They sell their juice with zero pasterizing or processing.  They don’t only offer juices and cleanses, but also made-to-order acai bowls, smoothies, superfood bowls, wellness shots, chia pudding, and other seasonal food items.

2. Their Staff is Super Friendly


I’ve worked in customer service since I was 14, and therefor can be a pretty bad customer service snob. Sadly, in Burlington I am rarely impressed by customer service and expesially at resturants, but when I went in their staff was all smiles and super helpful with all the questions I had.

3. Hangover Relief


It is what it is, it happens to all of us.  A morning walk to VT Juice Co. to pick up their blackout drink is a great way to recover from a night out.  This drink was way more refreshing then I was expecting and was super enjoyable.

4. They Deliver


Technically this point does not involve going downtown, but thats the amazing part.  Sometimes you’re just too busy to make the way down Main.  They have free delivery to UVM’s campus, and very innespesive delivery all the way to Montpelier.

5. It’s a Vegan’s Heaven


As someone who’s stomach is not super friendly with dairy, I love to go to vegan places, expesially in Vermont.  Vermonters love their cheese and therefor I really love vegan places that serve amazing food.


Check out VT Juice Co. at 77 Main Street, Burlington Vermont


If You’re Not Using Hair Bars, You Need to Read This

After finally getting my hair professionally dyed, I become a little addicted to having the most healthy hair care regimen possible.  Another, the great part about using hair bar is they are also better for the environment.  Unwrapped Life’s mission is to reduce single-use plastic in products while also making them stylish and sustainable.

Unwrapped life was started by two entrepreneurs Arden and  Hayley.  After giving birth to her first her first daughter she suffered from post- partum anxiety and developed “eco-anxiety”.  She became so worried about the disposable plastic in our daily lives and how it was going to effect our future generations.


Hayley and Arden started looking for ways to cut plastic out of their lives, but there were very few options.  Especially when it came to conditioner and shampoo.  They started formulating and researching their own bars that work amazingly on all hair types.  They are passionate about making spreading awareness and creating amazing hair days.

The hair bars I got were The Hydrator shampoo and conditioner.  One of the best parts of this combo was how it realized how important it is to hydrate your hair.  These bars are made with amla oil and colloidal oil.  This hair duo works to treat scalp ailments, including psoriasis, rashes, excema, and dryness.


Living in northern Vermont this hair duo is perfect for the winter time.  The cold winds and air can be very harsh to my hair.  Within a few days, I saw a difference in how my hair was feeling.

These bars are great for hair that is damaged and in need of some shine and repair.  These bars are full of vitamin B and natural polyacrylamide beta-glucan.  That acts as an emollient, the oatmeal delivers shine, moister and damage repair.  It makes your hair softer than any other shampoo and conditioner combo I’ve used.

Finally, I wanted to test how well this product works on different hair types.  My hair is pretty frail and thin.  On my hair, it worked great to give me more shine and help with my damaged ends.  But, I wanted to see how it would work on my two roommates hair.  My one roommate  has super thick hair and my other roommate has curly hair.


After letting them use the product for a few day they saw nothing but improvements on their hair.  Being in Vermont, which is super concerned with the health of our environment, they also loved the social impact of the product.