3 Biggest Makeup Myths


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I honestly don’t believe that anyone is really “bad” at makeup. I also don’t need that anyone “needs” makeup. What I do believe is that you need to have the right philosophy to avoid having bad makeup. Whenever I see someone who can’t do makeup, I realize that they generally follow certain beliefs that make makeup useless.

#1: Makeup Hides

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 You can’t really hide anything with makeup. I always see people boast that makeup is so powerful that it can disguise everything on your face but that’s usually just for pictures and bathroom mirrors. In real life, light will fall on your face and reveal that unsightly bump you’re trying to hide. This is not to say that your scars and facial flaws cannot be alleviated with the help of a good foundation or concealer, but nothing is actually hidden.
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 Once makeup becomes about hiding the parts of your face that you do not like, you become addicted to piling it on and on especially on your worst days. This just leads to a masked, cake-face. Try to think of seeking instead of hiding. You want to lead people’s eyes to the best parts of your face (and I know there are many).
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 Makeup is really like a neon arrow saying “hey look here!” rather than a bandaid covering up a blemish. Lip colors that suit you, highlighter and eyeliner are used to bring eyes to the parts of your face that you favor. Applying makeup with this mindset always makes you happier in the morning, too, so you’re focusing on your good parts and not the things you resent about your (probably perfect) face.

#2: Some People Need Makeup


I really hate this one. There are always people who are going to hate others for wearing makeup and they always claim that some people are just plain ugly without makeup. Refer to Myth #1. Without makeup, no one is going to suddenly have a haggard face. Most people just look tired or younger without makeup. I’ve never seen anyone that’s transformed into another person.
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 Even with contour, the face you were given at birth is pretty much the face that you will reveal to the world every day. You only know yourself through pictures and the bathroom mirror in certain lighting, so maybe you are actually shocked when you take of your Kardashian contour – but they human eye is often more clever. No one is going to think you are hideous without makeup. They might ask if you’re sleepier, but sleepy is cute. Have you ever seen a sleeping puppy or kitten? Totally adorbs! Don’t worry about it.

#3: Wearing Makeup Means You’re Vain

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Let’s be honest. Almost everyone is concerned to a degree about thier appearance. It is not really wise to say that just because someone is intervening with what nature gave them is actually more concerned or vain. I think most people who wear makeup actually find application fun and colors interesting.
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 It’s horrible to assume that just because someone wears a crop top it means that they think they have the worst body ever and they are self-conscious, right? It’s like that with makeup. Just because someone wears makeup to show off the parts of their face they like or to experiment it doesn’t mean they are robots that are obsessed with physical appearance. It just means that they, um, like makeup. That’s all!

My Thoughts on Body Image

Body image is a hot topic among all youth and fills the pages on the most popular fashion magazines.  For a while I wanted to share my thoughts on body image and what I believe needs to change for young adults to have a healthy view of themselves.  
One of the aspects of our society that has hurt people’s ideas of their body image is magazines.  Even though Photoshop seems like a harmless computer program, it creates a fantasy about what a person is suppose to look like.  I remember I was watching an episode of the Kardashians and not even after the photo shoot was completed one of the sisters said, “They better Photoshop them.”
Everyone strives to be perfect, even the people that say they don’t care or don’t try want to be perfect.  The thing is, we can’t be perfect because what is perfect?  
There’s another thing about body image I really wanted to bring up.  I watch The Mindy Project and just recently watched Trainwreck.  In both of these the main actresses, Mindy Kaling and Amy Schumer, are making jokes about their own weight or one of the supporting characters is making the joke.  This may not be the opinion of the masses, but I don’t think it is alright to make a joke about a woman’s weight especially when I think those are two gorgeous actresses.  
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There are many articles about how to end the stigma of body image, but to tell you the truth I think the solution is impossible.  Magazines and companies are always going to use Photoshop, which is horrible because we are never going to be able to see a real image of someone on the cover of a magazine.  Fashion is a world that strives for perfection, which is something I really prefer not to stand for.  In my opinion, fashion should be like a messy experiment, it’s what makes me love fashion.