Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vermont Juice Co. Next Time You’re Downtown

After years of following Vermont Juice Company on Instagram, I finally tried a few of their juices.  I have done many juices cleanses in the past, but nothing compared to my experience trying VT Juice Co.  The reason is they were healthy, locally sourced, and tasted amazing.  I have never this amazing of experience of healthy food tasting this good.

The juices I tried were blackout, brain boost, lemon remedy, and omega maple nut milk.  Blackout was the juice I was most interested in because I’ve never had a drink with charcoal in it.  Being a stressed out senior really made me interested in Brain Boost.  If anyone has not tried lemon remedy, it’s the only way I will drink lemonade now.  Finally, being someone who is allergic to dairy I’m always down to try new dairy free milks.


1.  Burlington’s ONLY Cold Pressed Juice Shop


Vermont Juice Co. was founded by a native Vermonter.  Their juice is made fresh daily each morning on site at their kitchen.  They sell their juice with zero pasterizing or processing.  They don’t only offer juices and cleanses, but also made-to-order acai bowls, smoothies, superfood bowls, wellness shots, chia pudding, and other seasonal food items.

2. Their Staff is Super Friendly


I’ve worked in customer service since I was 14, and therefor can be a pretty bad customer service snob. Sadly, in Burlington I am rarely impressed by customer service and expesially at resturants, but when I went in their staff was all smiles and super helpful with all the questions I had.

3. Hangover Relief


It is what it is, it happens to all of us.  A morning walk to VT Juice Co. to pick up their blackout drink is a great way to recover from a night out.  This drink was way more refreshing then I was expecting and was super enjoyable.

4. They Deliver


Technically this point does not involve going downtown, but thats the amazing part.  Sometimes you’re just too busy to make the way down Main.  They have free delivery to UVM’s campus, and very innespesive delivery all the way to Montpelier.

5. It’s a Vegan’s Heaven


As someone who’s stomach is not super friendly with dairy, I love to go to vegan places, expesially in Vermont.  Vermonters love their cheese and therefor I really love vegan places that serve amazing food.


Check out VT Juice Co. at 77 Main Street, Burlington Vermont