Everything You Need to Know about Falmouth Main Street

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Besides Provincetown, in my opinion, Falmouth Main Street is one of the best streets on Cape Cod. It’s home to one of a kind businesses with unique items you can not find anywhere else. It also has some of the tastiest restaurants on the cape.

Anejo Mexican Bistro 


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One of the most delicious mexican restaurants on the cape. Whether you go there for their amazing guac or the tequila, you will never leave disappointed.

American Sunglasses 

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America Sunglasses are the most popular names in designer sunglasses. They carry everything from high end designers like Prada to the best lifestyle glasses from Ray-Ban.

Bear In Boots Gastropub 

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Eating at Bear in Boots Gastropub is one of the best experiences you can have on a Saturday night. They have one of a kind food and they have great entertainment on the weekends.

Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium 

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I’m a complete chocolate enthusiast, so it’s pretty easy to say this place has been a must stop since I was a little kid.

Black Dog General Store 

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 This store started on the Vineyard, it’s only fitting that their store is located in the heart of Falmouth Main Street.


Blast From the Past 

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When you walk into this store, it will feel like you are brought back to the 50’s.  This is a great store to get an authentic gift for your friends who loves Marilyn Monroe.

 Board Stiff 

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If you skate, surf, or love Billabong, you need to stop by this store next time you’re in town.  They have a great variety of clothing and shoes.

Caline For Kids 

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If you’re looking for some cute Cape Cod kids clothing, stop by Caline For Kids.


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This store is great for when you are shopping for a gift for someone special.  During Christmas time this store will put any Grinch into the Holiday spirit.

Eight Cousins 

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My favorite book store in town; they have one of the best selections of books and also offer you a quiet place to read them.

Ghelfi’s Candies & Ice Cream 

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Ghelfi’s Candies offers a premium selection of homemade candies.  Some of my favorites include their homemade barks and dipped oreos.

Green Eyed Daisy 

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When this store moved to Main Street a few years ago it instantly became my favorite place to shop.  It has some of the most gorgeous clothing in Falmouth, and dresses that will make you host an event just to have a place to wear them.

Headlines Salon and Day Spa

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If you need to get your hair done on Main Street and want a cut that is Instagram worthy, go no further than Headlines.

Homespun Garden

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One thing I love about this store is everytime you go there, the inside always looks different.  In the spring it’s decorated with fairies and during Halloween (my favorite) it is decorated spooky chic.

In the Pink 

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If you’re looking for your colorful Lilly fix, this store will be your heaven.   They also carry clothing from Resort and Shift.

La Cucina Sul Mare 

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If you’re looking for an Italian dinner that will blow your taste buds, you need to make a reservation here.

Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub and Restaurant 

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This places is one of the best places to grab a beer in Falmouth.  They also have karaoke Tuesdays during the summer, and nothing is better than watching people “sing”.

Maison Villatte

After eating at this bakery you would think you just teleported to France.  My favorite is the raspberry tart but, what ever you order here you will not be disappointed.

Maxwell & CO 

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When you’re waiting for you table to be ready at Anejo stop by Maxwell’s.  They have a great collection of contemporary clothing.

Parkside Market

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Perfect place to pick up a sandwich for lunch at the beach.   My go to is the farmhouse sandwich.

Puritan Cape Cod

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If you’re looking for a winter coat or boots in the winter or some scandals or swim apparel in the summer this is the best place to go.  They carry some of the best brands that are known to last.

Quarterdeck Restaurant 

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If you’re craving some great seafood this is the place you need to make your reservation.

Simply Divine Pizza Company  

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My favorite restaurant in town.  Not only do they have the best pizza in town, they also have some pretty delicious sandwiches.

The Pickle Jar Kitchen

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One of the best breakfast places in town in my opinion. If you’re a person who likes a sweet or savory breakfast, you’ll love this place.


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If you’re looking for some Cape Cod inspired jewelry, this is my favorite place to get pieces in Falmouth.


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Twigs is one the my favorite little gift shops in Falmouth. They have jewelry made by local artists and cute Cape Cod housewares.

Top 5 Jewelry Stores on Cape Cod

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Jewelry is something I’m extremely picky about. Two things I believe about jewelry is everything is better made by an artist and you should never buy something for someone special at a chain store. A one of a kind piece is a more meaningful gift and the pieces are usually made to a higher quality.  Here’s a list of my favorite places on the Cape.

1. The Unique Boutique

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This is where I get all my Cape Cod jewelry.  Not only do they have the best quality, but they also have one of the best selections of Cape Cod jewelry.

2. Falmouth Jewelry Shop

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This shop has some of the most interesting authentic jewelry in Falmouth.  I love the pieces that are something you could only find on Cape Cod.  For example, they have jewelry made out of quahog shells, and it has beautiful craftsmanship.

3. Cranberry Jewelers

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I’ve lived on the Cape for 20 years and have never heard of Cranberry Jewelry until I went into this shop.  Not only do they have a great selection of one of kind jewelry, it is also all hand crafted.

4. Forest Beach Designer Goldsmiths

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When it comes to jewelry, I can’t do basic. I love having something on that not everyone has and the best is something no one could even imagine.  If you’re looking for jewelry that people will be wishing they had, this is the place.  My favorite is their wedding bands, they are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and they are perfect.

5. Ross Coppelman Goldsmith

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Ross Coppelman makes some of the most unique gold jewelry I have ever seen.  It ranges from sleek modern pieces to rough pieces that look vintage.

Why All About That Bass is Terrible for Body Image

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I’ve been wanting to write this since I was a senior in high school. The reason I never wrote it is because Meghan Trainor and I are from the same area. Considering all the bad press The Cape gets, I didn’t want to add any flames to the fire, but this song should not be praised for its message about body image.  

The song does bring up some good points about body image.  That you should love your body and how horrible Photoshop is, but Meghan Trainor lost it when she explains what she believes is beautiful.  
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Let’s start with “Yeah, my mama she told me ‘don’t worry about your size’, she says, ‘boys like a little more booty to hold at night’”.  Not only is this quote saying that girls are more beautiful if they have curves (not that all girls are beautiful), but is also saying that women should measure their self esteem based on what guys think about them.  

This was the line that hurt me the most, “Go ‘head and tell them skinny bitches that, No, I’m just playing, I know you think you’re fat”. For the most part of my life, I have always been 5’5” and 120 pounds. When I was a senior in high school I got very sick. I started to get sick everytime I ate and eventually lost my appetite. I lost around 20 pounds.  
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Gaining that weight back was extremely challenging.  I had to completely change my diet, while still getting sick with things I ate. It was extremely painful, I was the weakest I’ve been in my life.  

Everyone’s body is different, and I’m naturally a size 2 and like most girls, I also have body issues. I’ve been told I weigh too much, I’m too skinny, or that my body is perfect.  Meghan Trainor does save herself by saying “I’m playing” after saying skinny bitches, but then says “I know you think you’re fat” which made me sad because just because does not mean you don’t have body issues.
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I do think that Meghan Trainor is a great person with an amazing voice, but I think she needs to apologize for this song.  The reason being, it is not positive about body image.  It is one sided and does not appreciate all different body types.  In my opinion this song is offensive to women because it does not appreciate every body and how everyone’s body if beautiful. 

11 Steps to Having the Best Day on Martha’s Vineyard

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There are three day trips on the Cape that are a must: the Vineyard, Nantucket, and Provincetown. There’s something about visiting these places. It seems like time goes by faster than ever, and you don’t want to miss out on anything.  Here’s some how to’s and tips to make the best of Martha’s Vineyard.

How to get around… Biking.

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It’s the best way to get around the vineyard.  You’ll never get stuck in traffic or have to sit next to a sweaty tourist on the bus.  Also, there are bike racks everywhere around the vineyard.

Rent at Corner Cycle – Photo courtesy of aol.com

One of the downsides is finding a place to park your car.  Parking in Woods Hole is possibly harder than parking in most cities.  There’s rarely street parking, and all the lots are sticker parking.  A tip for free parking all day: park at one of the bike path lots.  The bike path goes right to the steamship and the ticket to bring your bike over is very low.

Get a coffee at… Pie in the Sky

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This place does get extremely busy, but the line moves pretty fast and it’s extremely worth it.  Not only do they have great morning pastries, but they also have the best coffee in town.   

Grab a drink at… Woods Hole Market

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Woods Hole Market is one of the best parts of Woods Hole.  They have everything you could possibly need, including a great roof deck.  It is a great place to grab a drink — you’ll need it for your bike ride.

After the boat… Start biking

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Once you get off the steamship, go left and after a short bike ride on the sidewalk, you’ll find the bike path.  This path will take you straight to Edgartown. This bike path is perfect because it is long, but there are plenty of places to stop and

Stop for a quick swim at… Jaws Beach

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As many people know, Steven Spielberg’s popular horror movie featuring a killer shark was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard. You can’t leave the vineyard without jumping off Jaws Beach.  

Grab Breakfast at… Among the Flowers Cafe

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It’s a very cute little restaurant that also serves a great lunch.  The service is wonderful, and the food is the most reasonably priced. 

Shop at…. Edgartown Books

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I’m not a bookstore person (I love the books I get for a penny on Amazon), but whenever I go to the vineyard, visiting this bookstore is a must.  There’s something about the atmosphere of the book store I just love.

Süka of Martha’s Vineyard

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This is one of the guilty pleasures of the vineyard.  It’s always been said that there is no place to get cute clothing on The Cape, and in some cases that’s true.  It’s taken me 20 years to know what the best places on Falmouth are for everything.  This place is a little pricey, but it’s worth it in the end.  

Get your sweet on at…. Murdick’s Fudge

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If you’re imagining the perfect fudge, this is your place.  Nowhere else have I seen the fudge being made right in front of you.  They also have some amazing brittle if fudge is not your thing.

The Scoop Shack

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Before I had to give up dairy, this place was my heaven.  They have everything from your favorite ice creams to frozen yogurt, obviously with some sweet toppings to choose from.   

 Finish the night off with…. Flying Horses

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I don’t care if you’re five or 85, you can never be too old to ride this carousel. It’s the most interactive carousel ride ever, and I still remember when I first did it when I was a little kid.