8 Outfits For Tinder Dates to Love to First Sight Dates

1. The Tinder Date

You have both swiped right and the conversation started.  You and your roommate creeped through his Facebook and he doesn’t look like a serial killer and your two mutual friends say he is a good guy. 

So now what do you do walk out in your yogas and a sweatshirt?

In my experience with tinder (yeah not so proud of it, but its college right?) a tinder date is watching Netflix.  Be casual and dress comfortably.  I just read an article that said to wear a dress to a tinder date just no please don’t.  Jeans sneakers and a shirt are perfect tinder date apparel. 
(p.s Real nice guys do not say they’re nice guys)

2. The Blind Date

 The thing about a blind date is it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing because no offense few guys know about women’s fashion.  A blind date is about learning about the person you are on a date with.  Probably before social media, this is a bigger issue but you don’t know anything about this person so take more time learning about our date then worry if your shirt matches your shoes.  

For this date, chances are it’s on a weekday and you will have to go after work or class.  For this date, I would dress in the middle of dressy and casual.  Wearing a shirt and a skirt is the most dressed up you really need to be. 

3. The ‘Set Up By Grandma’ Date

 Chances are you have been dreading this date all week, well unless the women in grandma’s book club is the mother of Theo James (if only).  But you never know Grandma might have found your prince charming.  
For this outfit dress respectful.  Here’s a little tip of mine, never wear low cut clothing on a first date if you want the relationship to last.  Your boobs will not catch a good relationship your brain will.  Not saying borrow your grandmothers clothing but dress up, look cute and classy. 

4. The Eharmony Date

Now that we are in the time where now you can find a husband by paying a website 9.99 every month is something that is pretty interesting and strange.  The things about these sites are they make questionnaires and you have a profile.  Chances are when you are going on the date your date already knows things about you.  

You do you.  That means dress how you want to and don’t let any magazine or Jenny your office partner tell you what to wear.  Also with these dates, it could be anything because it’s about sharing interests.  If you both are red socks fans wearing a LBD to Fenway park might be a little much.  

5. The Is this or isn’t this a Date

Did the cute guy in your office ask you out to drinks to get to know you better or did he ask to get some advice on his new account?  This is a situation I’m pretty sure everyone has been in at least one time in their life.  Like cute hem lab partners, why do schools do this to us?

In this situation, you can never go wrong with a little black dress.  With the accessories do not go overboard wearing a cute pair of heels is perfect.  Also if it is not a date then you can say you’re going out with the girls later or if it is a date, well I’ll leave that up to you. 

6. The Ex-Date

Whether you broke it off with him or he did with you look flawless either way.  Always dress for where you are going, whether you are going to dinner or meeting at Central Park, it does not mean you have to dress down or up. Blair wears heels in Central Park so can you. 
For this I’m leaving it up to you, wear your favorite outfit or the sweater he loved on you.  The advice I want to give you is do not go over the top, there is no need to take as long a Kim does to get ready.  Chances are he’s seen you without any makeup on so if you show up with a different skin color he might notice.  

7. The Classmate Date

Chances are he has seen you with two hours of sleep and you didn’t have enough time to make coffee.   Long story short he’s seen you at your worse.  
For this outfit I would dress in something you have not worn to class and if you wake up 15 minutes before class like me something that you have put a little more effort in.  Even though they say guys never notice anything I have to give them a little more credit.  Take the couple minutes and straighten your hair to put on a new necklace.  

8. The Romeo And Juliet Date

You met at your friend from works New Years Eve Party and when the clock hit midnight you both locked eyes.  Out of all the dates, this one is going to be the hardest one because your nerves will start to kick in.  
For this outfit, you are going to be asking everyone what they think you should wear even your postman.  My advice is to ask one person, your ally, the one person that will tell you the honest truth but in a nice way.  My advice is wear something that you are comfortable in and something that won’t make you more nervous.  The last thing you want is having to worry if your new dress is too short, too low cut, or the zipper only zipped up half way and last minute you have to think of something else to wear.  

Solutions for every dorm room problem

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Dorm rooms are actually the worst thing ever.  You’re paying $1,000 a month for a 10 by 10 room that smells like old chinese food, because your windows are stuck closed. But you have to deal with it, so I’m here to help.
If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…Kitchen Storage
Photo courtesy of hgtv.com
 You’re going to get sick of eating at the dining hall and you’re going to eat at least two weeks in your room.  The only problem is even if you’re lucky enough to have storage in door, chances are your printer and books has taken up most of the room.  


Photo courtesy of hgtv.com
 If you have a closet or wardrobe, bring a storage container and place your kitchenwares in there and put it on the top.  Unless it’s a coffee mug, you’re not going to be needing it every day.  If you place it uptop, it won’t take up empty room in your dorm.
Cute cart: Bonanza
Boxes: Target 


If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…A good closet
Photo courtesy of campusriot.com
 For starters, do not bring too much clothing to school.  Even if it’s really cute and you think you’ll need it, chances are you won’t.


If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…Good Lighting
Photo courtesy of campusgrotto.com
 Dorm rooms have horrible lighting, whenever I try to take any photos, it turns out yellow.  If you can, take advantage of the natural light or buy lighting for your room.  

If Your Dorm Doesn’t Have…Adequate Light Exposure

Photo courtesy of wordpress.com

My dorm room is on the first floor, right next to a sidewalk, so sadly my window is covered up by blinds and a curtain. To add a little light to your room, add a mirror to your wall.  The light will bounce off the mirror and create brightness. 

What to Wear Through Cuffing Season

According to Urban Dictionary cuffing season is, “during the fall and winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.”

Pre Season – August

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

During the summer months is when you’re doing you.  You’re spending your days at the beach and coming home at 3am after a fun night with your girls.  Your outfits are colorful and bold like  your personality.

Get the look; Charlotte Russe, skirt, Azbro

Regular season- Mid September Your first date

During cuffing there are no Netflix and chill dates, or late night booty calls.  These are real dates.  Dinner and a movie, and apple picking and cider.

Dinner Dates

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For this, stick to a classic black dress and a pair of flats.  What I love about little black dresses is they are easily convertible to look fancy or casual.

Get the look; Lulus, Choices

Coffee date

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For dinner dates stick to a classic fall outfit.  What I would wear would be a pair of black skinny jeans, boots, and a cute shirt.

Get the look; Stuart Waitzman, Express, Make me Chic


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You never realize how adorable workout clothing is until you have to get ready for a hiking date.  The best place to get workout clothing is at your local TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Get the look; Converse, Jcrew, Wolrich


Photo courtesy of google images

This is possibly the most epic first date ever.  And is actually on my bucket list for a first date I need to go on.  For this, your outfit is chosen for you, but you can still look cute in your jumpsuit.

Semi Finals- October

During this stage you ghost everyone except your top three or four.  Ghost the guys you let go.  It may seem mean, but they’re probably doing the same thing.  For these next dates do something that helps you know the person a little better.

Haunted house

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

During this time it’s close to Halloween.  These dates are great to get to know who people really are.  What you should wear is pretty open to you, just in case you have to run away from a goon, leave the stilettos at home.

Get the look; Shit I knit, H&M, Oasap

Corn Maze

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Going on adventures is a great way to get to know someone. Corn Mazes can sometimes be challenging, if you go to a good one.  They are a great way to know how if your bae is good under pressure.

Get the look; ASOS, H&M, Target

Final- Championship

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

At this step you’ve found your bae.  What ever you wear on your future dates is up to you.  Whether it is Netflix and Chill or a cute ice skating, your outfits can be more casual and relaxed.

Get the look; Levi’s, Express, H&M

3 Biggest Makeup Myths


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I honestly don’t believe that anyone is really “bad” at makeup. I also don’t need that anyone “needs” makeup. What I do believe is that you need to have the right philosophy to avoid having bad makeup. Whenever I see someone who can’t do makeup, I realize that they generally follow certain beliefs that make makeup useless.

#1: Makeup Hides

Gif Courtesy of dolly.com.au
 You can’t really hide anything with makeup. I always see people boast that makeup is so powerful that it can disguise everything on your face but that’s usually just for pictures and bathroom mirrors. In real life, light will fall on your face and reveal that unsightly bump you’re trying to hide. This is not to say that your scars and facial flaws cannot be alleviated with the help of a good foundation or concealer, but nothing is actually hidden.
Photo courtesy of shape.com
 Once makeup becomes about hiding the parts of your face that you do not like, you become addicted to piling it on and on especially on your worst days. This just leads to a masked, cake-face. Try to think of seeking instead of hiding. You want to lead people’s eyes to the best parts of your face (and I know there are many).
Photo courtesy of beautylish.com
 Makeup is really like a neon arrow saying “hey look here!” rather than a bandaid covering up a blemish. Lip colors that suit you, highlighter and eyeliner are used to bring eyes to the parts of your face that you favor. Applying makeup with this mindset always makes you happier in the morning, too, so you’re focusing on your good parts and not the things you resent about your (probably perfect) face.

#2: Some People Need Makeup


I really hate this one. There are always people who are going to hate others for wearing makeup and they always claim that some people are just plain ugly without makeup. Refer to Myth #1. Without makeup, no one is going to suddenly have a haggard face. Most people just look tired or younger without makeup. I’ve never seen anyone that’s transformed into another person.
Photo courtesy of girlfromarabia.com
 Even with contour, the face you were given at birth is pretty much the face that you will reveal to the world every day. You only know yourself through pictures and the bathroom mirror in certain lighting, so maybe you are actually shocked when you take of your Kardashian contour – but they human eye is often more clever. No one is going to think you are hideous without makeup. They might ask if you’re sleepier, but sleepy is cute. Have you ever seen a sleeping puppy or kitten? Totally adorbs! Don’t worry about it.

#3: Wearing Makeup Means You’re Vain

Photo courtesy of beautyliciouslove.com
Let’s be honest. Almost everyone is concerned to a degree about thier appearance. It is not really wise to say that just because someone is intervening with what nature gave them is actually more concerned or vain. I think most people who wear makeup actually find application fun and colors interesting.
Photo courtesy of lovethispic.com
 It’s horrible to assume that just because someone wears a crop top it means that they think they have the worst body ever and they are self-conscious, right? It’s like that with makeup. Just because someone wears makeup to show off the parts of their face they like or to experiment it doesn’t mean they are robots that are obsessed with physical appearance. It just means that they, um, like makeup. That’s all!

Modern "Love"

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 Since the invention of the Internet 30 years ago, we have gained the world at our fingertips with the use of our phones.  When it comes to love, the use of mobile devices has radically changed how people have relationships.  Millennials, those born between 1982 and 2000 have completely changed the way people start relationships; they are breaking the rules that preceding generations have established and followed.  
The best approach to visualize how dating has changed over time is to start with the older generations; so, I decided to ask my grandfather about his experience with dating.  
“My best friend and I were driving down Shore Street, when we saw two girls walking on the side of the road. We asked them if they wanted a ride to the beach, because that’s what people did back then.  By the time we got to the beach, my friend had a date with one of the girls: your grandmother.  That night I went to her house an hour before my friend was suppose to pick her up, saying he couldn’t make it. Six months later we were married”.
Photo courtesy of goodmenproject.com
 When people imagine dating in the 50’s, they think of going to a diner, having a milkshake and a cheeseburger before a drive-in movie.  In some cases, that may have been the reality, but mostly marriages in the 50’s were based on convenience.  Less than 20% of marriages were between people who lived in different towns. The appeal of dating apps is people meet people they wouldn’t in their daily lives.
Whenever there is a social change and new technology there is always resistance.  Even though dating websites are fairly new, they have been accused of creating a “Dating Apocalypse”. Are mobile dating apps a revolution or an armageddon?
Photo courtesy of vanityfair.com
The creation of a dating profile is a modern invention that affects how people view others, and also the way people view themselves.  When it comes to men and women, they’re very different in what profiles they are interested in.  Men swipe in a simple way that is predictable and their data looks like a bell curve.  When you look at the curve of women swiping men, it doesn’t look anything like a bell curve.  The graph is skewed, it’s harder to predict the type of men women will be interested in, rather than what type of women men will be interested in.  People are finding that they’re matching with people they are more compatible with.  A while ago the divorce rate spiked, but since the mid 2000’s the divorce rate is lowering and leveling out.  
Photo courtesy of garancedore.fr
Unlike meeting someone in person, online dating allows one to know the basic information about someone and create a connection, but you don’t gain the physical connection. When you meet someone online, you miss out on get body language, sounds, and expressions. Online dating is killing romance because it’s making it too easy.  It’s easier to respond to a text with a calculated response, rather than meeting at a coffee shop and having the awkwardness of a face-to-face interaction, coming up with responses in the moment.  
Tinder gathers massive amounts of data, with over 26 million matches a day, it is one of the most used social apps in the world.  It creates an easy way for people to meet people close to their age who share a common interest, but it is also eliminating the need for in-person social interaction.  When you walk into a lecture, everyone is on their phones and people are less likely to make conversation with the person sitting next to them.  
Photo courtesy of  lifestyleofabonvivant.com
Mobile dating apps create access to meet more people than you normally would, but  it makes it less likely for people to settle down and be in a relationship.  Dating apps create a way for people to find the partner that they want when they want.  Dating apps are not going to end real relationships, but they are also not a sure way of finding a partner.  Where a person is living and where they work are still very important, which is why it is still the most popular place for someone to find their partner.  Mobile dating apps are not completely changing the way people view relationships. Mobile dating websites are used because they are an effective source, but it’s up to the people using them to figure out what they want to use these apps for.   

6 Ways to Let Someone You Love Go

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In my opinion, relationships are getting harder. Even more so, recognizing it’s time to say goodbye to someone you once loved (or are still in love with) can be extremely challenging even when you know it’s the right thing to do.

1. If you love someone let them go 

Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline.com

Even though it is kind of a cliché, it is completely valid.  If you love someone and they don’t take the effort to be in your life, they are not worth it in the end.  If someone really wanted you to be in their life, they will stop at nothing to be a part of it.   

2. Write it down 

Photo courtesy of enjoyingtheartofliving.com

Even though it was a big plot line on Friends how horrible pro/con lists are, I have to disagree. It is perfectly okay to write everything down because sometimes things don’t make complete sense in your mind. The only thing is, keep these thoughts to yourself. Write it down just for you, not a fun thing for your friends and you to write to bash an ex.  

3. Listen to your friends, but trust your feelings over theirs

Photo courtesy of thoughtcatalog.com

Friends, they sometimes know exactly what they are talking about, but sometimes they can cloud your judgment and make you feel a certain way about your past relationship.  Also, the best way to get over someone is to stop talking about them.  If you can’t get your mind off of someone, talking to your friends about it for hours may not help you let go.  Talk about it for a little, then move on to a happier subject.

4. If you promise to stay friends, don’t do it right away 

Photo courtesy of readunwritten.com

 Personally, I think if you truly did love this person and saw a future with them, it is best to completely cut ties. Nothing good comes from checking in on an ex or seeing them on your social media feed. But, if you want to stay in eachother’s lives wait a little for everything to settle.  There’s no need to instantly be great friends with an ex, give it a little time and figure out if they’re someone you need in your life.

 5. Distractions are the best thing ever 

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I’m going to leave this one up to you for interpretation. You can either take that painting class you’ve always wanted to take, or leave your number for that cute waiter.  When you end a relationship, you’re going to miss having that love, someone that’s always there to talk to, so distract yourself.

6. Take all the time you need 

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 We all know those people who are constantly in relationships, and the reason they’re relationships never last is they never give themselves time to mourn the previous relationship. When a relationship ends, it is important to take all the time you need to move on, which will help you have more of a successful relationship in the future. Whenever I end something, I feel a little pressure from people to just jump right into something. 

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

 Our culture has created these nothing relationships, where people get instant gratification with no feelings or complications. If that is something that works for you, that’s great, but if you’re not about that life, don’t let anyone tell you you need to move on.

Ranking of City Colors lip Glosses

Photo courtesy of twitter.com

City Color’s new line of lip gloss contains argan oil to highly moisturize and add a color to your lips.  In mu opinion city color has the best quality makeup for the price.  Not only are their lip glosses amazing, they sell the only lipstick I wear.

1. Class Flirt

Photo courtesy of citycolorcosmetics.com

This was my favorite of the colors.  It created a nice pink color on the lips while also adding a little sparkle.  It reminded me of something Taylor Swift would wear on a sunny spring day.

2. Prom Queen

Photo courtesy of citycolorcosmetics.com

This one was a similar color to Class Flirt, but a little deeper.  The shine was a little less intense, but enough to make a noticeable impression.

3. Wild Child

Photo courtesy of citycolorcosmetics.com

If you want to wear red lips and want some shine, you should buy this.  It creates a nice color, but it is not overpowering and lasts the night.

4. Girl Next Door

Photo courtesy of citycolorcosmetics.com

This lip gloss is a matte base.  The color has a little bit a shimmer that adds a little style to the gloss.

5. Queen B

Photo courtesy of citycolorcosmetics.com

This color is perfect for any night out, rather it be going to a little bar or a club in New York City.

6. Trailblazer

Photo courtesy of citycolorcosmetics.com

I’ve never been one to be adventurous when it comes to makeup, but this color was very interesting and perfect for special events.

My 7 Tips for Finals

Currently it’s 3:41 and I’m exhausted pulling an all nighter studying for my political science test.  Finals are hard, most of mine are worth half of my grade and I’m sure many of you are in that situation.  Tests are not my thing, I’d rather write and essay or do a project.  One reason is because it’s a lot less stress and I believe you learn more from doing research and making something out of that knowledge then memorizing a bunch of terms.  Here are some tips if your someone like me who would rather be sleeping right now then studying:

1. Listen to Music

Listening to some background music keeps you concentrated because if blocks out the noise.  Also it keeps you awake during the late night study sessions.  My favorite things to listen to while studying is Eminem, the fray and T swizzle.

2.  Take Breaks

If you binge watch a show on Netflix there comes to a point were you stop paying attention. The same things go with studying.  Take a couple minutes to get a drink or a little snack.  What I’m doing during my study breaks is working a little on a blog post.

3. Exercise

I don’t mean run a marathon but exercise is a great stress relief and it is a great way to get your mind off the difference between long run and short run in economics.  What I did was I took my dog on a little walk around my neighborhood.

4.  Do Something Creative

Art is something I have always used as a great stress relief.  My skull painting that hangs in my dorm room was finished when I was trying to find someone to cover my shift when I forgot to ask off prom.    What I would do was get a piece of scrap paper and take a ten minute break every hour and draw what ever comes to your mind.

5. Switch Subjects

Staying on the same subject for hours it not going to help you.  Soon you are going to become bored and stop paying attention to what you are reading and soon you’re going to be telling yourself “Let’s get this over with”.  What I do it I do 50 minute intervals.  Study Poly Sci for 50 minutes take a ten minute break then move on to Econ.  Taking a break gives your brain time to process.

6. Get A Good Nights Sleep

Staying up till 4 am when you have a 7:30 final is not going to help you.  You need energy to focus on your exam.  Try to at least get 8 hours of sleep.

7. Relax

This one is easier said then done.  Take deep breaths, on your way to your exam listen to your battle song (mine is eye of the tiger).  You got this!

Lilly Pulitzer and Target

Today was the launch for the Lilly Pulitzer and target collection.  Normally Lilly retails from $50-$500 which on my budget and most college students is just unrealistic to afford.  But the target collection ranged from $2-$150 and most of the more expensive items were housewares. 

I had a job interview over the phone at 9 and I figured why not wake up early and check on the Lilly and Target sale.  Everything was sold out.  The problem is people will buy in bulk all the clothing and sell it on Ebay.  They can do this because it is the same quality of the full priced Lilly dresses.  People can charge twice the amount they paid for it because it was never worn.  
The only solution would to have a bigger stock from their products.  But there really is not a way to have people from buying things in bulk and taking away from the customers that just want to buy one dress to wear to an event.  

Long Distance Relationships

Everyone knows how it feels to have long distant relationships.  Weather it be you and your best friend sense kindergarten when to college thousands of miles away or your spouse is serving their country over seas we all have felt the horrible pain of missing someone.  I’m just kinda going with the flow for this article so Just go with it but not in the crappy Adam Sander movie way.

First in this post I’m going to focus on your long distant relationships with your friends.  Everyone moves on in their life and when they move on they have to leave their friends behind.  The thing to remember is you’re not leaving your friends behind your just making a change.  The biggest problem in this is you worry more about that something is going to change and you won’t be friends anymore but its more important to stay connected to your friends.  Start a group message, arrange weekly Skype calls.  Chances are your friend is feeling the same way.  A great why to stay connected and show your friends that you care is send little care packages even if it’s even a letter trust me they will appreciate it.  
For people who are in romantic long distant relationships I have to commend you on trying to make it work.  Those of you who have loved ones over seas I wish I had your strength to work and show your love to your loved ones.  The first thing I have to say is that long distant relationships are fucking challenging.(Sorry I had no other way to form it).  The only positive about long distant relationships is when you finally see that person you’ve been wanting to see for so long its wonderful and then it ends and you go back to your normal life.  It gets to the point where you feel alone, and the only thing to help with feeling alone is getting distracted.  Find a hobby connect more with your friends.  
Now comes the hard part making these relationships work.  Communication is the biggest part of making these relationships work.  There are so many couples apps like feel me, pair, and couple.  The best thing to use is Skype or FaceTime because then you can at least see their face and hear their voice.  
Another Idea for making these relationships work is send each other little love gifts.  A classic idea is sending a message in a bottle another idea is making little cards that your significant other can open when a certain thing happens in their life.  For example open when you’ve had a bad day…
Finally my advice is make sure your relationship is worth the pain that you are going through from being away from this person.  Makes sure that the relationship is something that has a future and that your relationship is going to progress in the future and not crash and burn the second you come home.    I know personally that this can be hard but don’t let it overcome your life and have trust in the relationship. 
love, Cara