Things You Need to Know in College

1. Laundry

This could possibly be the most important thing you need to learn before you go to college.  You won’t have our parents to relay on having your clothes clean so if you want to have good outfit choices.  My advice is start doing your laundry right after graduation so you get use to it.   
2. Easy Cooking
In college you can’t go out to dinner every nigh with your friends.  When your studying you will need a quick study break.  Before you go to college learn how to make basic pasta like spongebob mac and cheese.
3. Learn to Window Shop
Even though you think you love in in a few months you probably won’t be using it.  Learn what is a necessity and what is not.  In college you will need all the money you can have to have a little fun.  Instead of going out every night in the summer try staying in and saving money.
In college you alone your best friend won’t be their to help you with your homework and “compare answers”.  If you are caught cheating in college you will be kicked out and you will loose everything.  If you need help in college talk to your professor.
Pulling and all Nighter
For me this will not be a problem, college is the one time in your life when sleep insomnia comes in handy.  When you need to stay up grab some caffeine and listen to some Eminem on Spotify.  The most important thing to remember is just don’t stress out.  
Dress Well
At college you will be meeting new people everyday.  Also you will be meeting people that could possibly being your Future employers.