4 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’re Gonna Wanna Insta

One thing during Christmas that seemed like it was gonna be a one season fad, but is sticking around is Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  I don’t know how this is still trending because IMO I’d rather wear a cute dress, but I guess the sweater hides the cookies?

1. Women’s Stocking Stuffer Sweater


The most annoying thing is poring your drink and you end up getting distracted, before you know it you’re out that cheap bottle of wine you picked up.  With this sweater you will always know were your bottle is.

2. Where’s Your Hoe


If you’re one of those people who are into couple things then here ya go.  Or even better you and a friend wearing these, expesially if you have a friend that can get lost.

3. Deck Yourself Before You Reck Yourself


I’ve never seen a statement that is so true about Christmas parties.  You gotta be flawless no matter how much you’re partying.

4. Light Up Christmas Tree


What is better than having a Chritsmas tree on your sweater that acutally lights up? Nothing, I tell you, this is perfect for any holiday party.


5 Styles You Need To Wear In The New Year

ShaniBlumenfeld is an online clothing company.  In my opinion most of the clothing you get from retail stores is all the same because they’re attempting to cover all the trends.  What I love about their clothing is how unique it is,so you’ll show up wearing what no one else is.

Asymmetrical Skirt


I wanted to start with this one because it caught my eye.  This skirt is something that would be worn out or during the day.  I love the zipper and then the slit that is made when the zipper meets the upper thigh.

Button Down Shirt dress


This is one thing that is missing from my wardrobe.  What I like is it’s not formfitting, but you can wear a belt with it.  Wearing a belt creates shape for your body.  Or you could wear it without, which is my favorite way to wear a shirtdress.

Grey Black Top


Basics are staples to everyone’s closet.  What I like about this is it’s technically a basic, but it is made in a unique way.

Grey Knitted Cardigan


I love that the sweater is made with two colors and not just one.  It also is not cut straight across the bottom and therefore gives it more style.

Floral Skirt


This is a great example about how to wear floral in the winter.  The skirt is flattering and flowy, it will be perfect with a cute pair of tights.

3 Biggest Makeup Myths


Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline.com
I honestly don’t believe that anyone is really “bad” at makeup. I also don’t need that anyone “needs” makeup. What I do believe is that you need to have the right philosophy to avoid having bad makeup. Whenever I see someone who can’t do makeup, I realize that they generally follow certain beliefs that make makeup useless.

#1: Makeup Hides

Gif Courtesy of dolly.com.au
 You can’t really hide anything with makeup. I always see people boast that makeup is so powerful that it can disguise everything on your face but that’s usually just for pictures and bathroom mirrors. In real life, light will fall on your face and reveal that unsightly bump you’re trying to hide. This is not to say that your scars and facial flaws cannot be alleviated with the help of a good foundation or concealer, but nothing is actually hidden.
Photo courtesy of shape.com
 Once makeup becomes about hiding the parts of your face that you do not like, you become addicted to piling it on and on especially on your worst days. This just leads to a masked, cake-face. Try to think of seeking instead of hiding. You want to lead people’s eyes to the best parts of your face (and I know there are many).
Photo courtesy of beautylish.com
 Makeup is really like a neon arrow saying “hey look here!” rather than a bandaid covering up a blemish. Lip colors that suit you, highlighter and eyeliner are used to bring eyes to the parts of your face that you favor. Applying makeup with this mindset always makes you happier in the morning, too, so you’re focusing on your good parts and not the things you resent about your (probably perfect) face.

#2: Some People Need Makeup


I really hate this one. There are always people who are going to hate others for wearing makeup and they always claim that some people are just plain ugly without makeup. Refer to Myth #1. Without makeup, no one is going to suddenly have a haggard face. Most people just look tired or younger without makeup. I’ve never seen anyone that’s transformed into another person.
Photo courtesy of girlfromarabia.com
 Even with contour, the face you were given at birth is pretty much the face that you will reveal to the world every day. You only know yourself through pictures and the bathroom mirror in certain lighting, so maybe you are actually shocked when you take of your Kardashian contour – but they human eye is often more clever. No one is going to think you are hideous without makeup. They might ask if you’re sleepier, but sleepy is cute. Have you ever seen a sleeping puppy or kitten? Totally adorbs! Don’t worry about it.

#3: Wearing Makeup Means You’re Vain

Photo courtesy of beautyliciouslove.com
Let’s be honest. Almost everyone is concerned to a degree about thier appearance. It is not really wise to say that just because someone is intervening with what nature gave them is actually more concerned or vain. I think most people who wear makeup actually find application fun and colors interesting.
Photo courtesy of lovethispic.com
 It’s horrible to assume that just because someone wears a crop top it means that they think they have the worst body ever and they are self-conscious, right? It’s like that with makeup. Just because someone wears makeup to show off the parts of their face they like or to experiment it doesn’t mean they are robots that are obsessed with physical appearance. It just means that they, um, like makeup. That’s all!

7 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Risky Business


For this costume all you need is an oversized pink or white dress shirt and a pair of long white socks.  If you have it at home, add a candle holder and do your best rendition of “Old Time Rock n Roll”

Dancer Emoji


One of the new classic costumes, all you need is a black body suit and matching heels.  The most important part of this costume is posing like the emoji when people ask who you are.

Wednesday Addams


For this, all you need is a high neck dress, a polo, and some tights.  It is super simple when you don’t have a lot of time to plan a costume.

Rosie the Riveter


The only thing you might not have for this costume is the bandana which you can easily get at Micheals for a few dollars.

Holly Golightly


For this one, all you need to do is make a quick stop to Walmart or Target.  For this costume you need a body con black dress, tiara, and some pearls (the more obnoxious the better).

Sandy from Grease


This outfit is so easy; I don’t know why I didn’t think of it years ago.  For this, all you need is a black off the shoulder shirt, leggings, and red shoes.



If you like art this is perfect.  You can wear anything you want, all you have to do is make a poster that looks like the Tinder app.

9 Fashion Essentials for Fall 2016

I love fall. I love it mostly because of Thanksgiving, but also for all the activities like apple picking.  Before this starts out like every traditional fall article, this article is about the transition of fall.  All the traditional items you would normally wear in fall are not in this article: no flannels, scarves, or hunter boots.

1.The Sock Boot

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Sock boots are a little like ankle boots, but they go up a little farther on your leg.  What I liked about this trend is you can wear it in the beginning of fall and towards the end.  Right now it is still pretty hot, and you can wear these shoes with a dress, while later in the season you can wear it with jeans.

Find it here; ASOS, Topshop, Spring

2. Long line bomber

Photo courtesy of Alibaba.com

I really don’t like winter coats; they’re big and never flattering, but this fall gets a cute jacket.  What I like about this is it took the traditional bomber style and just modified it a little making it a new trend.

Find it here; Soho girl, Forever 21, Nordstrom

3. Suede Dress

Photo courtesy of Closetfullofclothes.com

I’m totally digging that suede is a new trend, it makes me a little more righteous about spending money on a suede moto jacket last year.  A suede dress is perfect because it complements the fall colors.

Find it here; Bloomingdales, Nasty Gal, Express

4. Sheer tee

Photo courtesy of Pinterst.com

Let me just start out and say, wearing a sheer tee shirt that you can see your bra through, is not slutty at all.  This is a trend that is very controversial, and personally, it’s not something I would wear, but it is a good trend because it is unique.

Find it here; Nordstrom, ASOS, Wet Seal

5. Lace up heel

Photo courtesy of Fashiontagblog.com

At first when I saw these shoes I thought they were lace up sandals.  What I like about these is they are perfect for those early Fall days when it is still warm.

Find it here; Nordstrom Rack, Lulus, Nasty Gal

6. Ball and Chain Earring

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

I love these for when you’re going out.  How I would do my hair if I were wearing these is slicked back and tucked behind your ears.

Find them here; Etsy, Macys, Moda Operandi

7. 90’s Cat Eye Shades

Photo courtesy of Glamradar.com

In my opinion, people are afraid to go against the norm and not wear Ray Ban.  Next time you’re at TJ Maxx, get some sunglasses that are not aviator and wear them the next time you go out.  After you’ve done this, make a comment in the section below and tell me if you got any compliments.

Find them here: TopShop, Nasty Gal, Modcloth

8. Flounce Skirt

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

People this year have gone from maxi skirts to button up jean skirts and that’s where it ends until summer.  A flounce skirt is a midi skirt that is very flowy.  It’s great if you want to wear a cute pair of ankle boots.

Find it here; Macys, The Loft, Ann Taylor

9. Chunky Sweater

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

Yes, this is perfect for those late fall days.  The best thing about a sweater is it looks like you are all dressed up, and you are, but you’re also extremely comfortable and warm.

Find it here; L.L. Bean, ASOS, Dolls Kill

Top 11 Halloween Costumes of 2016

Last year was prime for Halloween. It was on a Saturday which made for the perfect opportunity to celebrate halloween for three nights, but this year it’s on a Monday, which isn’t horrible, but not ideal.  Here are some cute costumes for whatever style you’re trying to go for.

Cute Costumes

Photo courtesy of ranker.com

These costumes I found on Studio DIY Instagram and once I saw her feed, I followed immediately.  What I liked about most of the costumes was that they were easy to put together, because no one wants to spend a Saturday putting together a custom or spend a bunch of money.

1. Chill pill

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY

I love this one because it brings me back to middle school when people would use the phrase “take a chill pill”.  If I were wearing this costume it would be something I would wear the day of Halloween to work, because it’s a very classy and professional outfit, with also being a little halloweeny.  If your office dresses up for Halloween this is a great choice.

2. Burn book

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY

Mean girls is a very classic Halloween costume, what I like about this one the most is how comfortable it looks.  It’s perfect for a Halloween party because you can simply just match it with a pair of sneakers.


3. Milk and Cookies

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY

What I love about this one is I’ve never seen it before, and nothing is a better combo than milk and cookies.  It is also a pretty easy costume to achieve; the biggest struggle would be you’re bae having white jeans.

Funny Costumes

Photo courtesy of popusgar.com

4. Snapchat dog filter

Photo courtesy of newsdog.com

I wanted to use this as my heading because I guess everyone thinks that the dog filter is the worst, but I had no idea there was this giant problem with it.  You don’t just have to stick with the dog filter, you can choose your favorite.  They are actually a great last minute idea because they usually just require a certain way of doing your makeup and a prop or two.

5. A cactus

Photo courtesy of landeelu.com

I’ve wrote in a previous post about how much I’m loving the cactus trend.  The thing I love most about it is all the cute kinda sarcastic comments that you can put together when relating to a cactus.

6. Yeezy Season 2

Photo courtesy of Yeezy

For this costume all you have to do is wear some clothing items that are extremely ripped. This is how I’d do this outfit;

Step 1- Buy a nude bodysuit on Amazon.  Amazon is great for Halloween costume pieces that you can’t easily find in store or would be way more expensive in stores.

Step 2 – The next part of your outfit is a long coat.  For this, ask your dad or brothers to borrow a coat for the night. Just remember to give it back, and not leave it behind.

Step 3- Go to your local Goodwill and try to get some lace up boots.

Step 4- Get whatever clothing you have that is nude and put it on.  The best thing about this part is the more crazy and weird you layer your clothing, the better your costume will look.

Step 5  – Take your most “Ratchet” clothing and distress it even more.

Step 6 – When you’re walking around look emotionless.

Step 7 – Head to your local Marshals and put a giant price tag on your clothing.

Scary Costumes

Photo courtesy of xovain.com

7. Stranger things

Photo courtesy of thehunt.com

Sadly I have not seen this, I’m waiting until Christmas break because I have no idea how scary it is and I need all the sleep I can get.  With this being a scary show it’s great to show some traditional Halloween spirit.

8. Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”

Photo courtesy of islandstand.com

This costume was popping up even before Halloween.  The two most important things about this costume is your makeup and your outfit.  For your makeup, I’d go on YouTube and weeks before Halloween start practicing.  For your outfit, before buying something cheap online, go to your local Goodwill and see if there’s anything there you could use.

Pop Culture

Photo courtesy of flavorwire.com

9. Pokemon Go

Photo courtesy of popsugar.com

This was a giant obsession over the summer.  What I think would be a great idea for this is to make this a giant group costume with people dressed up as Pokemon and others dressed up as Pokemon catchers.

10. Beyonce Lemonade

Photo courtesy of popsugar.com

Beyonce made a lot of news this year for her song “Lemonade”, which I think was honestly a great marketing idea.  Beyonce and Jay Z are fine, but you can totally play out Beyonce’s alter ego this Halloween.

11. Donald Vs. Hillary

Photo courtesy of Fortune.com

This is just my thought, but this would be a hilarious couples costume.  With the election coming up and especially where I live, I’m going to be seeing a lot of Stumps and Bernies.

What to Wear This Friday Night According to Your Zodiac Sign

Over the past couple weeks I have binged watched Friends, and one of my favorite characters in Friends is Phoebe.  One of my favorite lines on the episode was “Do you think they will have yesterday’s post?”; Monica obviously confused asked why, and Phoebe responded with, “To see if my horoscope yesterday was true”. Who knows if horoscopes are real and if people can actually identify to one, but I think they’re pretty entertaining.


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Aquarius are a little daring than most.  They like to try out new styles and challenge fashion trends.  Tonight you’re going to be wearing something that is going to turn heads.

Dress: Venus, Heels: Lulus


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

This Friday night you’re going to do something more on the artistic side, maybe you’re going to a concert or an art show, all I know is you’re going to be in the perfect original outfit.  Your outfit will be something unique, that will show off your personal style.

Dress:Revolve, Boots: ASOS, Vest: Forever 21, Bag:Last Call


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You’re confident and are not afraid to make some crazy fashion choices to make a statement.  You’re a trend starter so there’s definitely no way that you are going to play it safe on a Friday night.

Overalls: Anthropology, Shirt H&M, hat ASOS,


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You are the one who is always practical, this Friday you’re going to go to dinner and then to a local bar with your closest friends.  Your outfits are never not on point and show your classic style.

Tee: L.L. Bean, Skirt: Target


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You never like to be in one place for a while, you’re going to wear an outfit that can be worn to a dinner or a night club.  You love trying new things and this weekend is no different, and your outfit will be easy convertible for whatever you end up doing.

Shirt: Shein, Skirt: Macys, Heels: Payless


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You love staying in, there’s nothing better than a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and some Netflix.  Your outfit is going to be cozy and great for those perfect nights in with your friends.


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

As a Leo, you despise being ignored and you make your outfit so amazing that it is impossible not to talk to you.  You love bright colors that will catch people’s attention and shiny shoes that will pick up everyone’s eyesight.

Romper: H&M, Heels: Nasty Girl


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

As a Virgo, you are always outside enjoying the sun and when the sun goes down, you love to rock nature inspired pieces of clothing.  You love colors and are never wearing something without a pattern.

Dress: Revolve


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You’re the brave and tough one of your friend group.  You love wearing the color black and making it look as badass as anyone has ever before.   You were the one who made space buns popular even before Miley Cyrus.

Boots: ASOS, Skirt: H&M, Bag: Fashionable, Tye dye: Poshmarket


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You’re the one who always has a humorous comment to everything, as Friends fans would say – you’re the Chandler of the group.  Your style is one of my favorites, it’s a classic hipster as I like to call it.  What I mean by this is you mix classic items like this white shirt with this sweet floppy hat.

Shirt: White House Black Market, Sandals: Zappos, Hat: H&M, Shorts: J Crew


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You tend to be a little more reserved about your fashion choices.  You’re the responsible person who is always there when people need you, and you love clothing that is great for every occasion.

Tee: L.L. Bean, Shoes:Shopbop , Dress: Express

5 Reasons Why Temporary Tattoos Are the Best Accessory

This past weekend I held a bridal shower for my brother. One of my baby cousins needed some cheering up and so I offered to give her a temporary tattoo.  When I was a little kid, I loved these tattoos. What I thought would keep my cousin’s mind off her pain quickly came a fun activity for my friends and me.

1. Tattoos are addicting AF 

A photo posted by tattly (@tattly) on Aug 17, 2016 at 12:00pm PDT

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsAll my friends who got tattoos when they turned 18 now have at least one or two more.  Personally, I would love to get a tattoo; but like most people my age, I have no idea what my future job will be and it would be horrible to not get my dream job because of a tattoo.

2. They’re gorgeous and unique 

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsEven though rose tattoos are extremely popular, my favorite are the flower tattoos because they’ve never reminded me of a tattoo I’ve seen a million times.

3. They last longer than you’d think 

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsMost of the tattoos are five dollars for two tattoos, which does seem like a lot, but when you put it in a good spot it can last more than a week.  I put my blue flowered tattoo on my upper arm and it looked great until I accidentally put some lotion on it.

4. They make custom tats 

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsI think this is a great idea if you’re having a large event like a birthday party or especially a wedding.  It’s a great way to add an activity for your guests and Tattly is happy to work to make your design your own.

5. The selection 

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsTattly has pretty much a tattoo for every different type of person. From fun children tattoos to a great gift for your great grandma, Tattly has a great set of artists that are constantly creating new tattoos,

11 Steps to Having the Best Day on Martha’s Vineyard

Photo courtesy of hgtv.com

There are three day trips on the Cape that are a must: the Vineyard, Nantucket, and Provincetown. There’s something about visiting these places. It seems like time goes by faster than ever, and you don’t want to miss out on anything.  Here’s some how to’s and tips to make the best of Martha’s Vineyard.

How to get around… Biking.

Photo courtesy of ecocitybuilders.org

It’s the best way to get around the vineyard.  You’ll never get stuck in traffic or have to sit next to a sweaty tourist on the bus.  Also, there are bike racks everywhere around the vineyard.

Rent at Corner Cycle – Photo courtesy of aol.com

One of the downsides is finding a place to park your car.  Parking in Woods Hole is possibly harder than parking in most cities.  There’s rarely street parking, and all the lots are sticker parking.  A tip for free parking all day: park at one of the bike path lots.  The bike path goes right to the steamship and the ticket to bring your bike over is very low.

Get a coffee at… Pie in the Sky

Photo courtesy of photoshelter.com

This place does get extremely busy, but the line moves pretty fast and it’s extremely worth it.  Not only do they have great morning pastries, but they also have the best coffee in town.   

Grab a drink at… Woods Hole Market

Photo courtesy of

Woods Hole Market is one of the best parts of Woods Hole.  They have everything you could possibly need, including a great roof deck.  It is a great place to grab a drink — you’ll need it for your bike ride.

After the boat… Start biking

Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Once you get off the steamship, go left and after a short bike ride on the sidewalk, you’ll find the bike path.  This path will take you straight to Edgartown. This bike path is perfect because it is long, but there are plenty of places to stop and

Stop for a quick swim at… Jaws Beach

Photo courtesy of elizabethweinberg.com

As many people know, Steven Spielberg’s popular horror movie featuring a killer shark was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard. You can’t leave the vineyard without jumping off Jaws Beach.  

Grab Breakfast at… Among the Flowers Cafe

Photo courtesy of yelp.com

It’s a very cute little restaurant that also serves a great lunch.  The service is wonderful, and the food is the most reasonably priced. 

Shop at…. Edgartown Books

Photo courtesy of

I’m not a bookstore person (I love the books I get for a penny on Amazon), but whenever I go to the vineyard, visiting this bookstore is a must.  There’s something about the atmosphere of the book store I just love.

Süka of Martha’s Vineyard

Photo courtesy of mvtimes.com

This is one of the guilty pleasures of the vineyard.  It’s always been said that there is no place to get cute clothing on The Cape, and in some cases that’s true.  It’s taken me 20 years to know what the best places on Falmouth are for everything.  This place is a little pricey, but it’s worth it in the end.  

Get your sweet on at…. Murdick’s Fudge

Photo courtesy of

If you’re imagining the perfect fudge, this is your place.  Nowhere else have I seen the fudge being made right in front of you.  They also have some amazing brittle if fudge is not your thing.

The Scoop Shack

Photo courtesy of facebook.com

Before I had to give up dairy, this place was my heaven.  They have everything from your favorite ice creams to frozen yogurt, obviously with some sweet toppings to choose from.   

 Finish the night off with…. Flying Horses

Photo courtesy of seniorcitizen.travel

I don’t care if you’re five or 85, you can never be too old to ride this carousel. It’s the most interactive carousel ride ever, and I still remember when I first did it when I was a little kid. 

4 Steps to Have a Spa Day at Home

Photo courtesy of decorationchannel.com

There’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do, but like most kids my age who are not privileged enough with a sweet trust fund, we should probably spend our money on food and rent before going to the spa.  ToGoSpa offers these sweet and inexpensive eye treatments to bring the spa to the comfort of your own living room.

1. Cut Off All Technology 

Photo courtesy of themotherhood.com

 The best and easiest way to relax is to cut off any technology.  It’s very under thought, but technology can be very stressful – especially today. When you start your at home spa day, turn your phone off and find that book you’ve been wanting to read.

2. Wear a Bathrobe 

Photo courtesy of westinstore.com

There is no need to wear anything less than what’s extremely comfortable. Wear that robe you bought and never wear because honestly sitting in bed wrapped in a soft robe is pretty comfy. 

3. At Home Relaxers 

Photo courtesy of westinstore.com

Put on some light relaxing background music or some relaxing nature sounds. It’s not worth it to spend a Saturday just relaxing and having some me time for a change.

4. ToGoSpa 

This will become your spa bae. DIY beauty treatments do work, but they can sometimes be a mess. These are classic and simple. They also help you feel more relaxed because they also act as a cold compress.