Lilly Pulitzer and Target

Today was the launch for the Lilly Pulitzer and target collection.  Normally Lilly retails from $50-$500 which on my budget and most college students is just unrealistic to afford.  But the target collection ranged from $2-$150 and most of the more expensive items were housewares. 

I had a job interview over the phone at 9 and I figured why not wake up early and check on the Lilly and Target sale.  Everything was sold out.  The problem is people will buy in bulk all the clothing and sell it on Ebay.  They can do this because it is the same quality of the full priced Lilly dresses.  People can charge twice the amount they paid for it because it was never worn.  
The only solution would to have a bigger stock from their products.  But there really is not a way to have people from buying things in bulk and taking away from the customers that just want to buy one dress to wear to an event.