The Most Underrated Summer Accessory featuring Irresistible Me

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 June is a month for graduations and it is also the start of wedding season.  Whenever you’re involved in a wedding or are a guest, you spend a good amount of time picking out what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to accessorize it.  Recently, I came across Irresistible Me, a company known for their hair extensions, but they also make hair accessories.

 The Rhea

Photo by Cara Peterson

This was my favorite out of the four. I loved how the pearls were mixed in to create the perfect classic flower pattern. One of the biggest problems with headpieces is usually the quality being low, but this one was made great and it would survive the night.

The Isis

Photo by Cara Peterson

This was my second favorite; it had the same style as the Rhea headband, but was a little more subtle.  This headband would be perfect for a summer party or a casual summer wedding.  Floral is one of my favorite prints to wear this summer, and this headband is the perfect match to your summer floral.

The Venus

Photo by Cara Peterson

In my opinion, this headband is perfect for a formal event in the winter.  Many spring and summer events are held outside.  With this headband, you have to have lighting to get it’s full potential, which you can only get from artificial light.

 The Aurora

Photo by Cara Peterson

This is a fun headband to say the least.  It is perfect for the guest of honor, or if you feel like drawing a little attention to your outfit.

Lilly Pulitzer and Target

Today was the launch for the Lilly Pulitzer and target collection.  Normally Lilly retails from $50-$500 which on my budget and most college students is just unrealistic to afford.  But the target collection ranged from $2-$150 and most of the more expensive items were housewares. 

I had a job interview over the phone at 9 and I figured why not wake up early and check on the Lilly and Target sale.  Everything was sold out.  The problem is people will buy in bulk all the clothing and sell it on Ebay.  They can do this because it is the same quality of the full priced Lilly dresses.  People can charge twice the amount they paid for it because it was never worn.  
The only solution would to have a bigger stock from their products.  But there really is not a way to have people from buying things in bulk and taking away from the customers that just want to buy one dress to wear to an event.  

Hey Everyone!

First I have to apologize.  I created this blog to be here for people and express why fashion is a great thing and should not be something that is critiqued.  But working three jobs at the beginning of the summer then two throughout the summer to make money for college left little time to work on this blog and sadly no time to do any shopping haha.  I thought it would be cool do do a  little question tag for what I’ve been up to this summer.

Question 1: What is the best part of summer time?
The best part of my summer was realizing what and who is really important in your life.  If something you are doing or someone is your life doesn’t make you happy change that for the better because trust me you’ll be sad for a few moments and then you’ll smile and you will realize it was all for the better.

Question 2: Do you tan or burn?
Normally during the summer I am a complete lobster but this summer the largest time I’m outside is when I’m eating my lunch in-between work so I’ve built up a nice gradual tan and only had one painful burn this summer.

Question 3: Favourite summer nail polish?
I love my purple pastel Revlon nail polish.  And the best part is it dries in under a minute and anyone who knows me knows I’m the most impatient person in the world and waiting five minutes for polish to dry always leaves to smudges.

Question 4: Favourite summer drink/beverage?
Newmans own lemonade.  Honestly the best lemonade out there trust me.

Question 5: Favourite summer clothing item?
High waisted shorts.  I got three pairs from American eagle for about ten dollars and they are the best shorts because they look good and they actually can fit an iPhone in the front pocket.

Question 6: Favourite current phone app during this summer?
Wanelo would have to be the most used app on my phone.  It easy to just scroll through and see things you like and especially finding cute objects for your dorm room.

Question 7: Favourite summer movie?
I’m actually going to change this question if that’s ok.  my favorite summer show has to be big brother.  Ive watched it every summer sense I was 8 but this summer i am obsessed with it.  And I’m so sad Hayden is gone absolutely the best showmance on big brother.

Question 8: Favourite summer beauty product?
Bath and body works cucumber melon body lotion.  It smells amazing.

Question 9: Favourite summer activity?
Reading a book outside on a sunny day.  I just recently just finished dear nobody and am about to start if I stay. (Yet i haven’t even started my summer reading book for college.

Question 10: Favourite type of lip product for the summer time?I love baby lips by maybelline.

(sorry I just had too lol)
i hope everyone’s summer is going well. xoxo-dbc

Top Bathing Suits For Summer 2014

1.O’neill seaside bikini

I have always loved high rise bathing suits but have never been able to pull them off.  This swim suit is great because the top adds a little more then most high rise bikinis do.
Find this swim suit at
(here’s a little tip for everyone, pacsun has a MAJOR swim sale during the summer, I got Bathing Suits for less them twenty each last year)
2. Mallorca Meet-Up One-Piece Swimsuit

Everyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with Modcloth.  There bathing suits are retro but extremely fashionable for today and you will never run into someone with the same swim suit as you at the beach.
Find it at

3.Sunning Sweetie One-Piece Swimsuit

This swim suit is also from mod cloth.  What I like about this is it reminds me of the Great Gatsby.  This swim suit is unique with the neck line.  The biggest thing that I support is being unique and do what is not the norm and you will catch eyes if you walk down the beach in this because no one will be wearing anything like it.
You can find this at


I love this bathing suit.  I have one swim suit that has a top like this and I just love it.  They look great and are not uncomfortable.
Find this at