My 7 Tips for Finals

Currently it’s 3:41 and I’m exhausted pulling an all nighter studying for my political science test.  Finals are hard, most of mine are worth half of my grade and I’m sure many of you are in that situation.  Tests are not my thing, I’d rather write and essay or do a project.  One reason is because it’s a lot less stress and I believe you learn more from doing research and making something out of that knowledge then memorizing a bunch of terms.  Here are some tips if your someone like me who would rather be sleeping right now then studying:

1. Listen to Music

Listening to some background music keeps you concentrated because if blocks out the noise.  Also it keeps you awake during the late night study sessions.  My favorite things to listen to while studying is Eminem, the fray and T swizzle.

2.  Take Breaks

If you binge watch a show on Netflix there comes to a point were you stop paying attention. The same things go with studying.  Take a couple minutes to get a drink or a little snack.  What I’m doing during my study breaks is working a little on a blog post.

3. Exercise

I don’t mean run a marathon but exercise is a great stress relief and it is a great way to get your mind off the difference between long run and short run in economics.  What I did was I took my dog on a little walk around my neighborhood.

4.  Do Something Creative

Art is something I have always used as a great stress relief.  My skull painting that hangs in my dorm room was finished when I was trying to find someone to cover my shift when I forgot to ask off prom.    What I would do was get a piece of scrap paper and take a ten minute break every hour and draw what ever comes to your mind.

5. Switch Subjects

Staying on the same subject for hours it not going to help you.  Soon you are going to become bored and stop paying attention to what you are reading and soon you’re going to be telling yourself “Let’s get this over with”.  What I do it I do 50 minute intervals.  Study Poly Sci for 50 minutes take a ten minute break then move on to Econ.  Taking a break gives your brain time to process.

6. Get A Good Nights Sleep

Staying up till 4 am when you have a 7:30 final is not going to help you.  You need energy to focus on your exam.  Try to at least get 8 hours of sleep.

7. Relax

This one is easier said then done.  Take deep breaths, on your way to your exam listen to your battle song (mine is eye of the tiger).  You got this!

Love’s a game, wanna play?: How to get Through A Breakup Through Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics

So I got dumped, hard core and I had no idea how to deal with it.  To be honest this is the first real breakup I went though, yes I’ve been dumped before and been the dumper but none of those previous relationships led me to crying and ending up going to bed at 8:30 on a Friday night.  I was thinking about doing the typical right after watch movies and eat chocolate post but that just isn’t me (not that I didn’t binge watch netflix).  I think the best way to get through a break up is to have a little humor with it because you may feel like your life is over but it’s really not in some cases it could just be the beginning.  

Blank Space

So it’s gonna be forever
Or it’s gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it’s over
If the high was worth the pain

‘Cause we’re young and we’re reckless
We’ll take this way too far
It’ll leave you breathless
Or with a nasty scar

This song pretty much describes any passionate relationship.  You are either going to be together forever and be that old couple who still have sex multiple times a week or your relationship is going to crash and burn.  But sometimes the burn is worth the time and effort you put into the relationship because it can help you in future relationships.  With these relationships you will either find yourself telling your girlfriends about the wild love you had for years or it being too painful to ever mention.  If this was the breakup you experienced focus on the positive and don’t let the fire give you too much thought.


Could end in burning flames or paradise
Fade into view, oh, it’s been a while since I have even heard from you (heard from you)

I say, “I heard, oh, that you been out and about with some other girl, some other girl.”
He says, “What you’ve heard is true but I Can’t stop thinking about you,” and
 I…I said, “I’ve been there too a few times.”

These lyrics are there for anyone who has ever been cheated on.  In this song Taylor describes him as a James Dean character, a boy that ever goes out of style aka all the girls want him.  No one deserves to be cheated on and no one should let it happen.  Stand up for yourself and get out of the relationship because if they’re going to cheat on you now it’s not worth the risk of them cheating on you when you have 2.5 kids and a mortgage. For this break up forget about it.   The good times you shared as a couple might lead you to go back, focus on yourself and find yourself someone you loves you too much to be afraid to hurt you.

Welcome to New York

Everybody here wanted something more
Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before

Like any great love, it keeps you guessing
Like any real love, it’s ever-changing
Like any true love, it drives you crazy

But you know you wouldn’t change anything, anything, anything
Can an artist please make a song about Boston? Anyways this song is all about love being something that sound be wonderful and make you feel empowered.  Maybe its my little obsession with gossip girl but there is some power that comes along with walking down the streets of New York (it could be just because I was 12 and the Jay-z song about NYC was just released.  Love should be something that keeps you wondering and wanting to know more about the person.  And it should also drive you crazy (not mad, crazy). Be crazy in love and have wild adventures.  These lyrics are to inspire you to have a love that keeps you excited.  It also helps to get over a bad relationship because something better will be out there, just find the right person to open yourself up to.