Getaway House Is The Perfect Millennial Getaway

A little over a month ago I took a trip unlike any other  and surprisingly it was one of the most amazing and relaxing  travel experiences I have ever had. My last semester of college was extremely stressful and a trip to Getaway was exactly what I needed.


Getaway is kind of like an AirBNB for glamping, like camping without any struggles.  It is designed to allow a person the experience of bringing you back to your elements, rediscovering  the pleasures of boredom, immersing in the magic of the woods, and the simplicity of unstructured time.  

Getaway Houses are located near/around three of the most  popular cities on the East Coast-Boston, DC, and New York City. Each of these tiny getaway houses are  within an hour driving distance from all three cities. For people who have busy jobs and are constantly surrounded by technology this is the perfect trip to clear your mind.  


As someone whose job is to keep social media accounts running smoothly and effectively I’m constantly glued to  my phone or computer. To say the least, the thought of having a few days with no wifi access grabbed my attention right away.  It’s funny how I went from checking my email all day everyday to being placed in a tiny house with no service or wifi… and let’s just say it was amazing.


One of the most interesting parts of Getaway House  is they don’t give you any time for planning. As someone who has a task list for everyday this was terrifying, but it ended up being the best part of the trip.  

About a week before the trip you find out what town your tiny house is located in and the day of the trip you’re given the name of your cabin. What I liked about this was  there was no schedule and we didn’t run out of time to do the things we wanted to. . We were traveling on a whim and enjoying activities that we just happened to randomly come across.  


This was my first time staying in a tiny house and it was probably the most well planned part of Getaway house. Each of the tiny houses are carefully designed to have everything you will need and nothing excess. They do provide all the necessary things like towels,linens, and cooking essentials.  

.  One of the most interesting things was the cabin had no mirrors. As  someone who wears makeup everyday I loved not having to think about how I looked during my trip.  Keeping myself away from the mirror was incredibly good for my self esteem.

Surprisingly, the bed was extremely comfortable..  Usually, when thinking about camping you don’t ever assume you’re  going to be comfy, but at Getaway you have a soft bed and a giant window with a great view of the trees.


My favorite part was definitely how secluded you feel in these cabins.  We were lucky that our cabin was far off the road with few other cabins to invade on our space. .  The whole process of planning Getaway may have been the most simple experience I’ve ever had when planning a trip. Their site has all the info you will need and the booking process is very easy. Once you arrive to the check in point,they text you a code with your cabin assignment and that’s all you need to have a tech free vacation.