5 Grunge Mugs You Need Before Your Next Cup of Coffee

I came across this company through Instagram and what I loved about them was how unique all their products were. Daisy and Aster is run but a husband and wife.  Their names are not Daisy and Aster, they’re actually Lindi and Jason, the name comes from their birth flowers.  They started their business doing trinket boxes and then they started selling mugs and are now selling custom mugs.

Photo courtesy of daisyandaster.com

1. Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death

Photo courtesy of daisyandaster.com

I love how dark these mugs are, but they are drawn as cartoons which makes them adorable.  These mugs are also very unique and you’ll never have the same as your co-workers.

2. Death before Decaf

Photo courtesy of daisyandaster.com

If you have the first one you have to have this one also.  I have a sticker of this slogan made by Daisy and Aster and everyone always asks about it and how creative the concept is.

3. We Out Here


This is the mug I have in my apartment, being a complete nerd I just had to get it.  One of my favorite shows is Eureka, which is cancelled and whenever I see this mug for some reason I think of that show, even though it has nothing to do with space.

4. Stay in Bed

Photo courtesy of daisyandaster.com

I don’t think this cup has resonated with me until this semester.  Waking up every morning at 6:30 to go to class after getting home from work late, it’s pretty much impossible, but nothing is better than having coffee in bed on a late Saturday morning.

5. Sit On It

Thanks for featuring our mug on Mugshot Monday @bigboxcar. Happy to join your collection! ❤🍵☕ #Repost ・・・ Mugshot Monday – “SIT ON IT” coffee mug by Daisy & Aster with Ethiopian Light Roast by @Peace_Coffee . Yeah, MONDAY – Just SIT ON IT! . I’ve been following @Daisy_and_Aster on Instagram for some time now and I love their mugs. I probably saw this one with the cactus on the #muglife hashtag and eventually just now got around to buying one. . It’s actually Lindi & Justin who make up Daisy & Aster in Portland, Oregon – he’s a tattoo artist making awesome art and she runs the business operations and marketing part. They have awesome mugs, t-shirts, pins and even wood burned boxes! “Hey, it’s kinda like tattooing, but on wood.” Love it. . You can buy Daisy & Aster coffee mugs, shirts, pins and boxes on their website: www.daisyandaster.com . See also the 300+ photos from the Mugshot Monday project here: www.MugshotMonday.com – Every Mug Has A Story. . #MugshotMonday #sitonit #cactus #daisy_and_aster #peacecoffee #coffee #coffeemug #coffeecheers #mugmonday #mugshotmondays

A photo posted by Daisy & Aster / Lindi & Justin (@daisy_and_aster) on Sep 13, 2016 at 7:38am PDT

I don’t fully understand the cactus trend, but I’m not complaining.  Currently my phone background is this adorable colorful cactus drawing.  What I like is how they added their own personal touch with how they decorated this one.