Why Choose Maple? Untapped Brings Your Workout Up A Notch

Nothing says New England like the outdoors and maple syrup! Maple syrup is not just for your pancakes anymore on a Sunday morning. Created by Ted King, Untapped Syrup products are an incredible natural fuel source!!


I found out about Untapped while I was attending the University of Vermont. Vermont is known for the outdoors and their passion for natural local products. Untapped is unlike your typical energy product, they don’t need to rely on flashy advertising or gimmicks. it is a simple natural product to fuel you during your next workout or race.


Unlike your typical energy gels, Untapped is simply made by removing the water from pure Vermont maple sap, resulting in a highly concentrated maple product.  The lack of heavy processing is an additional benefit that most competitors lack.

Maple syrup is low-glycemic which means instead of offering you a quick burst of energy, Untapped offers you a more prolonged sustained energy.  Maple Syrup contains riboflavin, manganese, zinc, calcium, and potassium. These components promote muscle recovery, energy production, and can help to prevent cramping during long periods of activity.

Maple syrup has more than fifty antioxidants creating a powerful free radical fighting cocktail!  It prevents muscle deterioration by containing amino acids. Since it is water soluble, it is quick to absorb and easy to digest!


Recently, Untapped has also released their newest product: Untapped Maple Aid! This is the best way to stay hydrated on those long rides or runs! Much like the syrup, it is a simplistic mix of natural ingredients, sure to keep you going! Much like the original UnTapped product, it comes in two flavors caffeine-free Ginger Mapleaid and Lemon Tea Mapleaid, which is caffeinated with natural black tea.  ,

All in all UnTapped maple is organic, has a very simple list of ingredients and all you need for your next adventure!



Aloa Skincare Needs To Be In Your Makeup Bag This Summer

After being on being on Accutane, my skin care is one of the most important parts of my daily routine. Being on Accutane taught me to actually look at the ingredients in the products you use. Let me tell you, many of the products I bought at the drugstore did more harm than good to my skin.
Aloa started with the goal of creating skincare that was natural and as safe as possible. Products that are made from fruits, plants, oils and other natural resources are more effective than other skin care formulas.

Image result for aloa skincare

The products I tried were Aloe Vera Mist, Berry bomb dry lip defense, and the Hyaluronic Serum. One of the biggest things I look for when it comes to skincare is if it has anti-acne properties. Aloe is great for killing the bacteria that prevents pimples, by tightening pore size.

Related image

For people who are in the sun a lot, these products are amazing. They also have anti-aging properties. The mist hydrates the skin by increasing elasticity and minimizes the appearance of dark spots.
The berry bomb is a great necessity to keep in your bag during the summer. It is far better than any other drugstore brands I’ve used, as well as has SPF15.

Lastly, I tried the Hyaluronic Serum. Before trying this I had to look into what that even was. The reason is you should never put products on your skin you don’t know what they are. Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000 times more weight than water, which means it is the perfect moisturizer for your skin. It creates a cushion to help plump the appearance of aging skin through water absorption. For me, this was perfect to use at night after a day out in the sun.

These products are great for people who spend time in the sun or worried about aging and acne. Did you know that guys actually have better skin than women because they moisturize every day when they shave? In my opinion, we should be worried about skin aging from a young age and being very aware of the products we use on our face. Many young people suffer from bad acne, I was one of them, products like Aloa skincare might have helped make my acne less aggressive and helped me have healthy clear skin.

Dam At Waking Windows Is The Best Way To Start Your Cinco De Mayo

This coming weekend is one of the best weekends of the year in Winooski.  Waking Windows is one of my favorite festivals I’ve been to. It takes over normally quite downtown Winooski into a music lovers paradise.


Photo courtesy of Allston Pudding


Besides having three full days of music they also have a “Dam” which is a gathering of artisans selling their eclectic handmade + vintage goods, surrounded by live music, food, and drinks.  Here’s the artistic that are going to be featured this Saturday at Waking Windows. 



Photo courtesy of Northwood Gallery


LVLVT Pottery is owned by a young potter named Lindsey based out of Burlington, Vermont.  Her focus on making functional and vibrant wares.

Muddy Toes Terrariums


Photo courtesy of Muddy Toes Terrariums


Muddy Toes Terrariums began in Susan Goldstein’s backyard.  Each terrarium is one of a kind, original, and handcrafted.  The plants are carefully selected to create secret small places for imagination to roam. 

Billie Jean Vintage


Photo courtesy of Seven Days


Billie Jean Vintage has the best looks from the roaring 20’s to the 80’s.  They do not only sell vintage clothing, but also provide retro-inspired new clothing for women and men.

Pleasant Ranch


Photo courtesy of Youtube


Pleasant Ranch is a one-man woodworking and content – creative shop located in Burlington, VT.  Steve Hadeka creates one of a kind barware, home decor, kitchen ware and the occasional furniture piece.  Steve also plays two to four gigs a week with various regional bands.

Raegan Hough Metalsmith


Photo courtesy of Moretown Artisans’ Sale


Raegan Hough is from Waterbury, Vermont and began your journey as a medal smith in 2008.  As someone who is not super into jewelry, I was shocked at how much I loved Raegan’s jewelry.  There is so much craftsmanship as well-being super unique.

Wings of Sin


Photo courtesy of Faceboook


Wings of Sin started in a tiny house on top of a mountain in Vermont.  Melaney has been sewing for over a decade and started experimenting with creating things for more than just herself.  Wings of Sin is unique articles of clothing for everyone.

Mean Folk


Photo courtesy of meanfolk.tumblr.com


Mean Folk is a Vermont brand that launched in 2014,  It’s known for good people with bad attitudes.  They sell apparel, accessories, and some of the most hilarious pins I’ve ever seen.

Found & Feral


Phot courtesy of Etsy


Found and Feral is a jewelry company from Huntington, Vermont.  They make unique necklaces and earrings.

Hilaryannlove Studio


Photo courtesy of Etsy


Hilary started her Etsy shop in 2010 because she loved printmaking and recently started making tiny aluminum etchings.  What started as a hobby continues to grow every year.

Grooves and Grain


Photo courtesy of Grooves & Grain


Being raised in Vermont taught the owner responsibility of our actions, and the importance of knowing your own impact.  Her passion for environmentalism and art is what inspired her to use reclaimed leather in all their products.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vermont Juice Co. Next Time You’re Downtown

After years of following Vermont Juice Company on Instagram, I finally tried a few of their juices.  I have done many juices cleanses in the past, but nothing compared to my experience trying VT Juice Co.  The reason is they were healthy, locally sourced, and tasted amazing.  I have never this amazing of experience of healthy food tasting this good.

The juices I tried were blackout, brain boost, lemon remedy, and omega maple nut milk.  Blackout was the juice I was most interested in because I’ve never had a drink with charcoal in it.  Being a stressed out senior really made me interested in Brain Boost.  If anyone has not tried lemon remedy, it’s the only way I will drink lemonade now.  Finally, being someone who is allergic to dairy I’m always down to try new dairy free milks.


1.  Burlington’s ONLY Cold Pressed Juice Shop


Vermont Juice Co. was founded by a native Vermonter.  Their juice is made fresh daily each morning on site at their kitchen.  They sell their juice with zero pasterizing or processing.  They don’t only offer juices and cleanses, but also made-to-order acai bowls, smoothies, superfood bowls, wellness shots, chia pudding, and other seasonal food items.

2. Their Staff is Super Friendly


I’ve worked in customer service since I was 14, and therefor can be a pretty bad customer service snob. Sadly, in Burlington I am rarely impressed by customer service and expesially at resturants, but when I went in their staff was all smiles and super helpful with all the questions I had.

3. Hangover Relief


It is what it is, it happens to all of us.  A morning walk to VT Juice Co. to pick up their blackout drink is a great way to recover from a night out.  This drink was way more refreshing then I was expecting and was super enjoyable.

4. They Deliver


Technically this point does not involve going downtown, but thats the amazing part.  Sometimes you’re just too busy to make the way down Main.  They have free delivery to UVM’s campus, and very innespesive delivery all the way to Montpelier.

5. It’s a Vegan’s Heaven


As someone who’s stomach is not super friendly with dairy, I love to go to vegan places, expesially in Vermont.  Vermonters love their cheese and therefor I really love vegan places that serve amazing food.


Check out VT Juice Co. at 77 Main Street, Burlington Vermont


I Got A Sexist Email From A Local Business and I Am Not Going To Stay Quiet

I started Don’t Be Common Fashion when I was 16 because I saw an issue in the fashion world;  I hated how people were judged by showing who they were through their clothing.

Don’t Be Common Fashion started five years ago, and has since evolved into a business that I am very proud of.  I have worked with many companies – I work with large companies, ethical brands – and being a student in Burlington, I love to reach out to local companies and create partnerships.

The best way as a blogger to expand your base is to work with other companies. You gain more followers by blending platforms with other businesses to reach a novel audience.  I worked with companies with both fewer and more followers than me. I have even worked with  brands that are not my target audience.

Working with varied brands is successful because my target audience is millennials and millennials love learning about new brands.  They are intrigued by the stories behind companies. Therefore, instead of just highlighting how amazing the products are I share the story behind the brand. As a result, the brands I’ve worked with have had positive experiences.

Rarely, I have a negative experiences working with brands. A recent response I received, grossed and creeped me out more than any other response I’ve ever read.  As a blogger, I am always reaching out to companies, to try to expand my reach and also theirs. When I send out press emails, there is a larger chance I get a no rather than a yes, but even when I get a no, the response is normally positive about the business I created.

Then, I got this response:


Before getting this email, I sent my press statement to this Burlington business. As a college student, my Instagram is one way in which I collect a meager income to live my life; it’s not something that’s a joke.

I was initially unsure how to react to this business owner’s comments. I showed the email to a few of my friends. Some of them work at ski shops in Burlington and are familiar with the environment at this particular business. This business has no females working there and had previously had a job posting promoting themselves as a “Great place for you to talk bad about your girlfriend”.

This brings me to the “@buttsnorkler” suggestion.  I had no idea what this Instagram was, but if you search it on Instagram it is a bunch of pictures of some bare butts.  A connection of mine asked the owner of this business about his response, and it was ” Her Instagram is all about sex, therefore she was asking for this response”. While I do not deny that I have one picture of a bare butt on my Instagram page, the irony of this business owner’s comments was clearly lost as I was using it as a vehicle to discuss the phenomenon known as “slut shaming”.

Here’s a comparison of my Instagram and the Instagram this local business owner believes my photos are a good fit for.


BeFunky Collage.jpg

Recently, it feels like  every day there’s a new high-profile celebrity that is brought up on sexual harassment or assault claims.  When I received this email, I needed to figure out the best way to respond – in a way that I believed would create the most poignant impact and create something that could help someone else with an experience similar to mine.

Coming forward about being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted is not an easy thing to do.  When I was younger, I had a job and the male employees acted very inappropriate towards me, and I had no idea what to do about it, and didn’t have the voice to speak up about it.

The fact this this person who owns a business, is very involved in the Burlington community, saw no issue with the comments he made, disgusted me. Being in the position I was in, I felt writing this was the best way to speak out against sexual harassment.

I couldn’t just move this email into my trash and not say something that could benefit someone who has, had, or will have a similar experience to mine. My little cousins read my blog, and in a few years they will be entering the workforce. I want them, and others their age to feel powerful to stand up for themselves if they ever are in a position like this. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world and sexism is something that exists. I don’t want any of my readers to feel like it is not okay for them to stand up to someone or feel isolated in their situation.

The social media campaign “#METOO” showed how many people are affected by sexual assault and harassment.  I want the people who read my blog to know that sexual harassment is something that they can stand up to themselves, not let anyone make themselves feel less than, and remind them, that they too have a voice that can speak out against sexual harassment they may suffer.


My Top 5 Chic Ski Essentials So You’ll Look Cute While Hitting the Slopes

Ski season is finally here, which it being my last winter in Vermont, I’m pretty pumped about it.  Skiing can be fun, but nothing is fun about being cold and also not looking cute.  My years of going to the slopes and my knowledge of amazing brands will give you all you need to look amazing this winter.

1. Patagonia jacket


You can’t be chic skiing without a cute jacket.  Patagonia jackets are well made, warm, and are also a great ethical company.  One of the best things about Patagonia is they have a warranty on all their items and if you happen to crash during your run, your jacket is protected.

2. Krochet Kids Hats

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Krochet Kids works with women who are living in poverty-stricken areas.  Their hats are extremely well made and warm.  Buying one of their hats is supporting women build a future for themselves.

3. Hot Chilly’s Fiesta Leggings

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

There are so many base layers for skiing and no layer has every been warmer than these leggings.  I literally keep them by my bed and put them on before I take my dog for a walk every morning.  They have wonderful prints for every style.

4. Sorel Waterproof Wedges

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

A few weeks ago I was getting my hair done and my hairdresser mentioned these boots.  Not only are they extremely cute, they’re also waterproof and perfect for the winter months.

5. Cowl Vermont Knitting Company

IMG_2697.JPGVermont Knitting Company is a partnership between Leslie and Kelsey, and they make some of the warmest knitting accessories.  I have their luxe cowl, which I love for the winter months because it keeps my neck extremely warm.

Last Minute Burlington Shopping Guide

After a very stressful semester, you have no idea how excited about Christmas I am, and one of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting people the perfect gift.  Being someone whose dream is to one day own her own business, I love supporting local businesses in Burlington.  I find myself very lucky to be surrounded by amazing small businesses.

For the coffee lover on your list…

Photo courtesy of speederandearls.com

Speeders & Earls began roasting coffee in Burlington’s South End in 1993.  Over the past 20 years, they quickly have grown.  I don’t think I go to class without seeing multiple Speeder & Earl’s cups.  Speeder & Earl’s has multiple gifts for your coffee lovers.  As a self-described coffee snob, nothing is better than a travel mug and Kona Blend Coffee which are delivered from Hawaii.

For the vintage lover on your list…

Photo Courtesy of Downtown Threads

Downtown Threads started in 2010 with the purpose of keeping money locally and supporting eco-friendly shopping habits.  Downtown threads has the best selection of consignment, new, vintage, and local artist creations.  This holiday season their store is featuring local artist merchandise.  They have a special deal this holiday season (December 23rd & 24th) and will be offering 25% off a purchase of $40 or more.

For the person who’s always cold on your list…

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Whim was founded in 2007 by Melissa Desautels, focusing on casual chic, it’s your one-stop for jeans & tees.  Whim has so many great gift ideas, but my favorite would be a Shit I Knit Hats.  I cannot describe how amazing these hats are, I wear mine every day, and would feel naked without it in Vermont’s winter.

For the bohemian home lover on your list…

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.16.25 AM.png
Photo courtesy of Tangerine

Tangerine is owned by a 5th generation Vermonter Megan O’Brien, growing up in Burlington she knew trends tended to be a little expensive.  She wanted to start a business that was something young professionals and college students, who don’t have a lot of disposable income to spend on fashion.  This planter is perfect for the bohemian goddess on your list who needs a planter for her succulents, also it is made in America.  This holiday season they are offering buy one scarf get one 50% off and 30% off the sale rack.

For the boot lover on your list…

Photo courtesy of Dear Lucy Shoes

Dear Lucy Shoes probably has the best selection of shoes I’ve ever seen in a small business and I’ve never wanted a trust fund more walking through that store.  They have a great selection of slippers, sneakers, and my favorite their Frye boot collection.

For the bag-obsessed on your list…


Liebling on College Street is the perfect place to get a chic bag for the person on your list can never have enough handbags.  Their collection is great for the fashionista you need to impress with your stylish gift choice.

For the guys on your list….

Photo courtesy of Warner Supply

Warner Supply is probably the only store you have to stop to find the perfect gift for the guys on your list.  They have a great selection of Runamok Maple, Zeus Beard, Coal hats, Redwing boots, Ranger Station candles, and many other amazing gifts.  It’s the perfect place to get your babe a cute flannel you secretly plan on making yours in the future.

The gift for the person on your list who loves goods with a story….

Photo courtesy of Common Deer

Common Deer stocks their shelves with goods that are full of story.  Focusing on Made In America and small batch manufacturing.  Their manufacturers employ thousands of American workers and support thousands of families.  Inside their store, they have a gift for just about everyone on your list, including your furry friends.

Photo courtesy of Common Deer

My favorite items from their shop are their Woolrich blankets, a perfect gift for your mom.  American made slippers that will make you never want to put on real shoes.  A local inspired pint glass for the IPA lover in your life.

For the person who loves a splash of color in their life…

Photo courtesy of Old Gold

Old Gold opened 40 years ago, selling military surplus and used clothing, today the store houses an extensive inventory of new costumes, accessories, formal wear, cowboy boots, and much more.  Recently they just got in tons of accessories, but these berets are perfect for New Years! They also have berets without sequins, but get there before I buy the gold one.

For the juice lover on your list…


Photo Courtesy of Vermont Juice Co.


Vermont Juice Co. is the only place in Burlington to get fresh cold pressed juice.  They’re founded by a native Vermonter and addition to juices and cleanses, they offer made to order smoothies, acai bowls, super food bowls, wellness shots, chia pudding, and other seasonal food items.  This holiday season they are offering deals on their Cold Pack cleanse and their DIY nut milk gift kits.

For the person, you have no idea what to get…


Photo courtesy of Birdfolk Collective


Birdfolk Collective is technically not in Burlington, but it is my favorite store in the area, for many reasons.  The reason I titled this “The person you have no idea what to get” is because I went into Birdfolk a few weeks ago, with no idea what to get someone.  Within minutes I found the perfect gift.  This store has an amazing collection of items, that are perfect for the person you are still struggling to find the perfect gift.

For the Jewelry lover on your list…

Photo courtesy of Rackk & Ruin

Rackk & Ruin was founded by Molly Conant who in 2009 experimented with natural materials including, feathers, leather, metal in her jewelry.  I started following Rackk & Ruin on Instagram a few years ago and become obsessed with their unique pieces and stumbled upon their Pine Street shop and now every time I have a hair appointment I have to go in because their shop has an ever-changing assortment of treasures.


4 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’re Gonna Wanna Insta

One thing during Christmas that seemed like it was gonna be a one season fad, but is sticking around is Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  I don’t know how this is still trending because IMO I’d rather wear a cute dress, but I guess the sweater hides the cookies?

1. Women’s Stocking Stuffer Sweater


The most annoying thing is poring your drink and you end up getting distracted, before you know it you’re out that cheap bottle of wine you picked up.  With this sweater you will always know were your bottle is.

2. Where’s Your Hoe


If you’re one of those people who are into couple things then here ya go.  Or even better you and a friend wearing these, expesially if you have a friend that can get lost.

3. Deck Yourself Before You Reck Yourself


I’ve never seen a statement that is so true about Christmas parties.  You gotta be flawless no matter how much you’re partying.

4. Light Up Christmas Tree


What is better than having a Chritsmas tree on your sweater that acutally lights up? Nothing, I tell you, this is perfect for any holiday party.


These Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes, So Don’t Risk Being Basic

Even though it is still 80 degrees and it so does not feel like fall, soon it will be Halloween, which means you need to start planning your costume or costumes, because well unlike when you were a kid halloween is a weekend affair. I thought of proably one of the most creative costumes out there, or just so weird and out there no one would ever of thought of it.  Which I’ll release my list of costume ideas in the following weeks.  Here’s my list of the most poplar costimes you’ll see everyone wearing this year.

Pennywise From “It”


Last year this costume would so not of been chill, with all the clown shooting.  But thanks to It and the upcoming season of American Horror story get ready to see some creepy clowns and some balloon.  PS. It is actually amazing and Pennywise is hot af irl, I know creepy.

Rick and Morty


Photo courtesy of Pinterest


I get so much Sh*t for not knowing what this show is, so I promise when it’s break I’ll bindge.  At my college you can’t go anywhere without someone mentioning this show.

Any “Games of Thrones” Character


Photo courtesy of Etsy


For some reason, it’s like Games of Thrones just started, cause the amount of times I’ve heard “Winter is coming” this year is a little crazy.  I blame Ed Sherren.

Wonder Women


2017 was all about strong, powerful, badass women and let me just say it’s about time.


PupJoy Review

Anyone who know me, knows I’m a little too obsessed with my little puppy Eleven and I love to spoil her.  I love getting subscription boxes and there’s so many different options it is really easy to not know what the right box is for you and your dog.

My favorite thing about PupJoy is they give you the most customizable options.  My dog has a very sensitive stomach and she only gets her food and one type of treat.  Therefor I love that PupJoy gives you the option to have a box that is only toys. They also have options to do a mix of toys and treats, just treats, or what I got that was just toys.


My dog is probably one of the pickiest little puppers when it comes to toys.  She has her favorites, some she’ll randomly get excited about and run around the house with, and some she will never touch.  In my box there was a great variety of toys.

Her box included a PupJoy Brewing treat dispenser, PupJoy Bad To Da Bone Ballistic Stuffless Toy , Doog Stick Elwood, Duck with tennis ball, and Zingfling.

Immediately right when I opened the box Eleven fell in love with this Duck, it was almost impossible to get a photo.  My favorite part about this duck is there is a tennis ball inside, which makes it super easy to play fetch with.


The second toy Eleven decided to chew on was the treat dispenser, then moved on to the Elwood stick.  This stick is great for playing fetch outside.  It’s a lot easier to throw farther than a tennis ball and get out of her mouth.  Also, my favorite part, it’s super easy to clean.


The cutest part is whenever I come home now Eleven greets me at the door with this stuffless bone.  Currently, she just learned how to rip stuffing out of toys, therefore the fact that this is stuffless, I absolutely love.


PupJoy is very unlike other dog subscription boxes.  They are the only box that has treats for dogs with dietary needs, customizable toy options depending on what type of chewer your dog is, and customizable delivery options.  They work directly with indie brands to have the best quality, natural, and organic products. The best part is ordering from PupJoy your money is also going to a great cause.  A portion of every order is donated to help shelter animals find loving homes.