Why Skipping Stone Needs To Be On Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas is the season of giving, and this holiday season I really wanted to look into gifts that also give back.  The Skipping Stone partners with local women and children empowerment non- porfits.  Their proceeds help reach their goal of creating as many jobs as possible.  Their company provides lifestyle products to consumers to make a difference.


The company was co-founded by Greg and Abhineeta Matney.  They founded a non-profit called Aatma Vikas in India.  Aatma Vikas helps those in unsafe positions find hope though training center.  Aatma Vikas has had over 1,000 graduates and it continiues to grow.


The Skipping Stone sells lifestyle bags, vintage and artistic journals, and Bhoemian and ethic jewelry.  Their products offer a gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list.


My favorite products The Skipping Stone sells are their lifestyle bags.  They’re very unique and beautifully created.  They offer the best gift for the vintage clothing lover on your list.

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